WhatsApp to 9449007722 or Call 0824-222036 if You See any illegal businesses

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WhatsApp to 9449007722 or Call 0824-222036 if You See any illegal business Establishment as per Mangaluru City Commissioner Akshy Sridhar

Mangaluru: In a communication to the media Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar has stated- For ease of trade in Mangaluru City Corporation limits, individuals must possess trade licences from the Corporation according to the sections 343 and 353 of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act, 1976. The trade licences must be renewed in the month of March every year compulsorily. The expired licence will not hold any validity. In order to make the procurement & renewal of trade licences easier, the Municipal Corporation has also introduced an Online Software System Application.

MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar

However, in the year 2022-23, only 17,119 trade licences have been renewed. It has been brought to the notice of the Corporation that the traders have been carrying out business with invalid licenses. Due to this, the City Corporation is facing financial losses. Therefore, the traders have been instructed to strictly follow the below-mentioned rules:

Traders who possess expired licences are requested to apply for renewal before 30th June 2022. Failing which, all licences will be withdrawn. After this, traders will have to apply for fresh licences again with appropriate documents. If these requirements are not met, the business will be deemed illegal.

Measures will be taken to shut down all illegal businesses, wherein they will be required to pay the old tax and water tariff dues along with fines. All traders are hereby informed to use Kannada as the primary language on the name boards of the shops. Failing this, the trade licences will be cancelled and appropriate measures will be taken.

This notice must be considered as the final warning to all tenderers. In case of discrepancies in the documents at the time of inspection, the Municipal Corporation is eligible to take necessary legal action.

Citizens can now report the illegal business establishment by messaging on WhatsApp at 9449007722 or call 0824-222036. The corporation will take necessary measures based on the complaints received.

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