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When David Beckham tripped on Nimrat Kaur’s dress!

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Mumbai, Feb 12 (IANS) At the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards in London, Nimrat Kaur’s “surreal” experience was made sweeter when football star David Beckham nearly tripped over her gown. It was an oops moment that Nimrat will cherish forever — just like her BAFTA-nominated film “The Lunchbox”.

Nimrat got to give away two prestigious awards on stage.

“Yes! I was asked to give away the awards for Best Music Score and Best Documentary,” she said.

While waiting backstage for her turn to give away the awards, she ran into Beckham.

Recounting the memorable ‘trip’, Nimrat said: “He was standing with me backstage to give away awards. We stuck up a conversation. I was disarmed by his nervousness about going on stage. Put this football champ on the field, and he’s confident. But the idea of going on stage was giving him the jitters.”

In his nervousness, Beckham stepped on Nirmat’s stunning gown and nearly tripped over.

“Yes, David Beckham did step on my gown. I guess the dubious honour of having the football legend trip on my dress must go to me,” she quipped.

The actress, who bagged a role in American show “Homeland” after “The Lunchbox”, was at the BAFTA Awards gala to root for the latter, which was nominated in the Best Film Not In English Language category.

The team came without winning an award, but nonetheless triumphant.

“Just being there and being nominated was an honour. I’d agree with Irrfan (Khan) when he says just being nominated was the award,” she said.

Nimrat and the film’s team was aware that chances of winning were slim.

“We have been journeying with ‘The Lunchbox’ for more than a year now. It’s a miracle that we were nominated for the BAFTA this year. We knew ‘Ida’ and ‘Leviathan’ were extremely strong contenders. So for us, ‘The Lunchbox’ team, just being there at one of the most prestigious awards functions in the world, was reward enough,” she said.

Nimrat is now back in Mumbai ready to start shooting for the new Akshay Kumar-starrer “Airlift”.

“It’s my first time with a mainstream film. I’ve been patiently waiting for the right vehicle to launch myself in Hindi films. I haven’t been able to concentrate fully on a career in Bollywood. For many months, I was shooting outside India for ‘Homeland’. So, ‘Airlift’ has happened when it had to.”

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