Where There Is a Well There Is a Way! MCC to Use Water from Old Wells for Gardens

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Where There Is a Well There Is a Way! Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) to Use Water from Old Wells for Gardens in the City-One among them is the new Smart City Garden near Hampankatta Junction

Mangaluru: There is a saying, “Where There’s A Will, There’s A  Way” meaning to say that if someone has the desire and determination to do something, he or she can find a method for accomplishing it. And here’s my different version of the same phrase-“Where’s There Is A Well, There’s A Way”- and we are happy to note that a bunch of old wells found in the City are being put to use, to water gardens and road median plants in the City.

In the last two years, while digging during the road development either by Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) or Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) a bunch of old wells were found-to name a few near Bolar Leewell, Hampankatta Junction, Dongerkere, Navabharath Circle, among others. Most of them have been restored after spending BIG bucks, and now the Mangaluru City Corporation has taken up an initiative to use the water available in the old wells found in various locations in the city, to irrigate plants in parks, small gardens in the city and road medians.

 The MSCL has already restored ‘Appannana Katte Bavi’, a well found in Hampankatta, and beautified the area in the heart of Mangaluru city. Meanwhile, work on developing the Rashtrakavi M Govinda Pai Circle (Navabharath Circle)  is under progress, and the old well found at the spot will also be preserved, according to mayor Premanand Shetty. Speaking to the media, the Mayor said, ” “An old well was found in Hampankatta when the junction and roads were being developed by the MSCL. People know that the name Hampankatta is derived from Appannana Katte bavi or Appanna’s well. We have already preserved and protected the well by developing it and its surrounding areas.”

“We have started drawing water from the well, to irrigate gardens on the traffic islands, median on the eastern side, and Hampankatta Junction. Similarly, plants on the western side till Clock Tower Circle, are also being irrigated by using the water from the well. The development of Rashtrakavi M Govinda Pai Circle will be taken up, by giving emphasis to the preservation of old wells found at the junction. A British-era well found at Leewell in 2019 and another old well found in Dongerkery, will also be preserved. Water from all these old wells will be used to irrigate plants in parks, traffic islands, landscapes in lung spaces, and road medians in future. This will help the city corporation to reduce the use of drinking water for irrigation of plants,”  added the mayor.

Bunch of plants already dead before the MCC plan of using water from old wells for watering them? 

In addition to Hampankatta, the city corporation and MSCL have also found many old wells while digging up roads for the widening and development of the circle. But it is sad to note where well water is not available, the plants on the road median are 95% dead without being watered, like the plants on the road median stretch from Hampankatta till Clock Tower. Why didn’t MCC or MSCL come up with this idea prior to the drying & Dying of these once beautiful plants? Seems like total ignorance and carelessness of the MCC and MSCL officials. Not Smart at all!


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