Whose Mumbai Is It Now?

""The average mumbaikar is angry! Why? Unable to understand!  Tense, yeah! Baying for blood of not the terrorist ring leaders alone, but the wily politicians of Mumbai in particular and India in general. Understood! It?s a serious matter. Well, there is a huge turn around in the perception of the common people towards their so called leaders. Why the angst? Never before in the history of terrorism acts in India, just a handful of i.e.  ten scoundrels of a boys have come unstopped and wreaked  havoc in the country!  The damage is severe. Unbelievable!

Such a dastardly act and the host country to the terror outfits, Pakistan is still singing lullabies to India and USA. A new adjective has been coined by the famed great ex- editor of Indian express, Mr. Arun Shorie for US of A ? Mummy?!

Every now and then we India and Pakistan run to Mummy with our woes. Mummy pinches Pakistan, does a mock scolding and pacifies India. Gives a chocolate and India is happy. Meanwhile to the weeping Pakistan, mummy gives   a box of chocolates! Pakistan wipes the crocodile tears and comes back and gives a portion of choco goodies to the terror outfits in PoK and elsewhere and the story continues.

Again after some time there will be a dress rehearsal again. The drama goes on? So is there an end to this mayhem? Earlier came an Osama and now we have an answer in paper to him? Obama?! Well, indeed, but what is the solution?

If mummy stops boxes of chocolates every now and then Pak will moan, groan and not help Mummy in the proxy war in Afghanistan and also in locating Osama. Mummy , for all its Toma hawk missiles and advanced weaponry, cannot pin down Osama and kill him. Drones are only meant for Taliban it seems. So how many more boxes of chocolates mummy will give to Pak in the coming days, years?

Before the terror strike, there were strikes i.e. fights, fisticuffs full on display in Mumbai!  The recipients were poor north Indian candidates who were appearing for Railway exams. The attackers were our own Raj Thackeray?s followers. Point noted. But, today the average Mumbaikar is seething in anger. He has his pent up frustrations of being helpless when 10 terrorists attacked and killed the innocent brothers and sisters who happen to be his fellow countrymen.

Today, as things stand, each and every mumbaikar is agitated, no wonder he can be of any origin. He understands that the politicians are of the same skin. They create different issues, problems to engage them and set them up against each other. End of the day, once having procured the required seats in the assembly, the leaders shut the doors for the same people. Their woes fall on deaf ears. Politician and his cronies laugh all the way to the bank!! They get the big booty from businessmen, industrialists, builders and developers ?the list goes on!

Trust me, today the Mumbaikar is no fool. He has wizened up and how? He goes to the party meetings. It could be of any party. He does not indulge in silly gossip. He is aware of the implications if he elects a wrong party leader.

But the politician seldom understands. For him it?s the daily bread scenario. He has to create differences between two communities, He has to always follow the British?s  famous formulae of divide and rule. Only change is there are no takers. People have become smarter. Also the powerful role of Media cannot be ruled out for its role in imparting  knowledge and wisdom and educating the average mumbaikar or Indian at large.""

Just take the case of our ex-CM, he took his son and his future director Ram Gopal Verma without his Aag and went around for sightseeing. RGV again ignited the Aag, as Mr. Deshmukh lost his chair(Kursi).

Our ex-Dy. CM , Mr.  RR Patil not only takes the cake but the whole of bakery for his sheer carelessness and non presence of mind. Someone said that He should have spoken in Marathi and it would not have turned out so harsh. But, how can a translation will change the content of the dialogue. He said what he meant. He was very untouched by the proceedings. His body language was very normal. His eyes were expressing as if a small fire cracker got busted and there were some minor casualties who could have been handled by some constables and He was wrongly ushered into the press conference.
The situation went out of hand was evident and got proved in the coming days!  Then came the much awaited backlash and next is history!

The high command acted swiftly and sent home bag and baggage to the top guys of the ruling coalition. Lucky chaps who escaped were  DGP Roy and Commissioner Gafoor. They were caught by the bizarre turn out of the situation. But how ever police tried to handle  the situation with the lathi, machine guns and many of them were martyred. Sad story was of the ATS chief, Ace encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, Addl. CP Kamte and Ombavle and many others.

Pakistan is dilly dallying on the issue as they are caught with the living evidence. The lone terrorist- Ajmal Kasab. The rules of the land are so surprising, the terrorist has been caught on camera and every single Indian knows about his killing spree.

Witnesses are ready to come in hordes. If it were Taliban, they would have changed him publicly. He wants to die. Fine, there is no bigger sentence than that! One can be killed only once. But, the brain behind this heinous act, the LeT commanders are still at large.
 FBI sleuths came air dashing to India, collected all sizeable evidence and today are singing paeans of the Gilani government. All Obama has done is, to cut the US aid or alms (call whatever you like) by half to Pakistan. Then, what next? Same old story! 
 Gilani successfully sacked Durrani who spoke the truth. Then went on to praise Modi, Gujarat CM and tried to hicjack his theory of only information, not evidence. Fell flat on his face. Again gathered courage, now have delegated the spokesman ship baton to Pak High Commissioner of UK. Gilani only knows to play bureaucratic musical chairs. It may last till some other establishment seizes the control of governing Pak.

I hope you are listening Gen. Kiyani. He is the only powerful man in Pak , right now, Zardari looks like a primary school Head Master who is happy singing nursery rhymes to all who matters. The Karachi and Mumbai connection go back a long way during the 1971 war with Pak. All successive Indian governments could have fenced the Western Gujarat border and could have established strong patrol force in the Indian waters. But, again the most strategic route of the infiltrating terrorists has been kept open in such a way a small time thug, contraband conduit can smuggle himself in to Indian shores! So what stops these terrorists from paying a memorable visit to us?

""Indian Navy reportedly has been caught off guard. The western Command has let us down. But, the defense personnel are keeping mum. So, is the establishment to be blamed? Any country worth its salt would have taken this matter seriously and would have conducted surgical strikes inside the POK.

India made noise for the vote bank to take notice, but due to Uncle Sam?s boy in the saddle, Obama ,  it seems definitely applied brakes  on the issue!

Pranabji is very aggressive and rightly so. He sees himself as the next successor of Mr. Singh. He has the capability to talk tough and also take control of the worst situation. Even if ordering surgical strikes.

But, again elections are round the corner. Cautious steps are taken as to not give BJP any chance to maneuver the situation to their advantage. People are enjoying a popular environment of price cuts on many fronts.

The bait has been laid. But, media has come of age in India. The common man is aware that these arrangements are temporary to get votes then the next budget post forming the government will be tough to digest.

All in all, the common man does not have a choice. Its only three forums fighting each other. UPA, NDA & the Third Front of whom Mulayam is the gardener! When such is the turmoil of the Mumbaikar , He is asking all the people and parties concerned?.?Dear Sirs, whose Mumbai is it now?

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai