Why are people increasingly looking for casinos without verification according to No-Verification.Casino?

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Why are people increasingly looking for casinos without verification according to No-Verification.Casino?

Verification is a standard procedure thanks to which a player can withdraw his winnings from the casino. It usually consists of sending an ID and bank identification in order to confirm the player’s identity. 

Recently, however, more and more users are looking for platforms where they can bet without verifying themselves. We look at the reasons for this in the following lines.

1. Because there are many scam casinos and people do not want to send their documents

One of the main reasons why players are looking for online casino sites without verification are the so-called scam casinos. These are online platforms that aim to scam consumers. 

The most common abuse is that of personal and banking details. Scam casinos collect personal information and use it for compromised purposes. In this way, the customer may get a loan that he did not withdraw or end up with an empty bank account. 

Such scams by fake casinos carry great risks for the customer. And their increasing prevalence is provoking consumers to refuse to send personal identification documents. 

2. Because more and more often people are hacked and don’t want to share their names and IDs.

A customer does not necessarily have to fall into a scam casino to fall victim to identity theft. They can be stolen even when the user provides personal information on secure and verified platforms. 

Various hacking programs constantly attack sites that collect and store personal data. Despite stringent security measures, no one can fully guarantee the protection of these sites. 

The increased abuse of stolen personal data makes more and more players prefer not to reveal their identities to the casino.  

3. Because people do not want to share that they are playing at a casino and want to be anonymous

The danger of personal data being acquired is a key motive for customers to want to remain anonymous. But there are other reasons why amateurs may not want to share who they are. 

Some people, for example, don’t want to disclose how they entertain themselves. Malicious individuals and organizations can speculate on this information and negatively impact a player’s work and life. We are talking here about popular people as well as persons who make important decisions concerning many people. 

4. Because crypto is coming in, and it is anonymous and there is no sense of the paperwork

One way players can remain anonymous is by using cryptocurrencies. Their widespread popularity in recent years has also influenced the gambling industry. There are now platforms that accept payments with electronic currencies. The trend is for their number to increase. 

Depositing with bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is completely anonymous. No personal data is required, it is enough for the customer to log into his crypto wallet and send to the casino the amount he wants to deposit. Everything is done through codes and numbers, no names, addresses or IDs are filled in anywhere. Transactions happen within minutes and don’t require colossal processing fees. 

5. Because they are located in a country that has banned gambling

Although the internet removes all restrictions on location when it comes to gambling, that’s not exactly the case. Some countries prohibit gambling not only in land-based halls but also online. It is enough to mention, for example, the UAE, North Korea, Singapore, Cyprus, etc.

People from such countries have the opportunity to bet only on platforms without verification. Since no identification is required, the casino has no way of knowing where the player is located. Thus, he stays in the game, avoiding the corresponding penalties.

Author: Leonardo McKenna

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