‘Why Does It Take a Month for Cops to Catch the Thieves Who Stole My Mobile Phone’ – Dr Sharan Mallya

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“Why Does It Take a Month for Cops to Catch the Thieves Who Stole My Mobile Phone, even after I have produced the CCTV footage, other relevant details of the thieves, etc” questions Dr Sharan Mallya, a native of Mangaluru, working as Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics in GB Pant hospital, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Mangaluru: A doctor of Mangaluru who was not happy and totally disappointed with the way his theft case was handled by the police personnel of Barke Police Station in the City had sent his details to Mangalorean.com to be highlighted on our web, hoping something could turn up positive in recovering his phone, more than getting the phone back, it had all medico-legal documents and X-rays of patients which are very much required.

In his communication to Mangalorean.com, Dr Sharan Mallya stated- “I’m Dr Sharan Mallya from Mangaluru, presently working as Assistant Professor, Orthopaedics in GB Pant hospital, Port Blair, in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I had come down to Mangaluru on vacation in the month of July 2021. On July 24th, 2021, I along with my friend at around evening 8:00 pm, had gone to Saibeen complex, Lalbagh in the City to have dinner. As I was getting out of the car, my mobile phone might have fallen on the floor. By the time I realized that my phone was missing, and went back to the car, I saw two youths stealing my phone (Redmi note 9 pro) and escaped and I had Identified them”.

“Following which, I filed an FIR in the Barke Police Station in Mangaluru. I even gave the police both IMEI numbers of the phone and later went through the CCTV footage of the Saibeen complex and gave the details to the police. Both thieves can be identified in that CCTV footage. I am totally disappointed since no action has been taken until now, even after the thieves have been identified, no further action taken. More than getting my phone back, I am worried since my cellphone contains medico-legal documents and X-rays of patients which are very much required. I am sharing here all the details regarding this including CCTV footage to the media, hoping some positive results could come up”, adds Dr Mallya.

Dr Mallya further states, “The Barke police even told me that there were five similar kinds of thefts in the same area (Mall vicinity) prior one week. My question to the police whom we trust, even after giving them all details regarding these thieves, is why are they ignorant? I had even shown the cops the footage of a pan shop (Madhuras Pan Centre in Saibeen Complex) person, where he too has identified the person (thief) and also has his (thief) contact number. To the best of my knowledge, I have given all the required information to the police in Barke Police Station but sadly still nothing has been done by them until now”.

“I came to know that these both thieves after stealing my phone went ahead and enquired about selling the second-hand phone to a mobile shop (Mobile World) in Saibeen complex and the shop owner Avinash has also identified the thieves. Unfortunately, even after all these details were procured by me, and given to the concerned police authorities at Barke Police Station, they have been ignorant and taking it easy in solving this theft case, when CCTV footage and other details of the theft had been submitted to them”, adds Dr Mallya.

When Team Mangalorean over the phone contacted Dr Sharan Mallya in Port Blair, he said that the Barke police have been telling him to wait for few more days… and this has been the same answer he has been getting every time he calls them. “I have a feeling that since I am away from Mangaluru, the cops are not following up on this case, and remaining quiet” said Dr Mallya. In conclusion, in my perspective, when Dr Mallya has produced the CCTV footage of the theft and other related details, how hard it is for the police to do their best and solve the case, by apprehending the thieves. And also that the Pan Shop boy who has the contact of one of the thieves, why can’t the police pressurize the pan wallah to give the culprit’s phone number.

Also, my request to the mobile shop owners is that whenever someone comes with a mobile phone to sell, they should ask for their identity, like an Aadhar card, or any ID documents, which would be needful in cases like this one. Hoping that the concerned police authorities will do the needful at the earliest in tracking the thieves and recovering the doctor’s phone, which has important patients details. Thank You so much in advance!

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  1. You need to know how to work the system. Tell Police those 2 stole a Cow, they will be caught immediately.

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