Why This World ?

(The author here ignites a ray of hope in the mind of the reader to contemplate on subjects like jealousy, selfishness, terrorism, racism, discrimination and finally expresses his view on the theme. The author gives an opportunity to the reader to contribute his efforts to make this world a better place to live in.)

Prithvi S J Monteiro

Why This World ?

Why this world? A question in my mind
Would I ever this answer find?
Come along those who view the same
To find the answer would be our aim

Is it to play, have fun, live and die?
Or is there some physics we cannot defy?
Or is it God who could show the way?
We are not sure you know He may

Are we here to be born and then rest for eternity?
What?s the use if there is no fraternity?
The rope of peace, love and joy is fraying
?Why this world??, my heart?s saying

Are we here to struggle and earn our living?
And do what without the joy of giving?
Why this world? A question in my mind
Would I ever this answer find?

Why this world when the guns are out?
Do gunmen feel when the innocent scream and shout?
For help and need are we here?
I know we are helpless as we fear

Harmony of colours on this earth
Infinitely many since its birth
Some of them are adapted by human rights
Then why the blacks? And why the whites?

In this great depot of he and she
Discrimination towards women should it be?
Why this world? Why this world?
When would the flag of justice unfurl?

Oh the answer in my mind
Is strange, but is one of a kind
It?s not for our inhibitions
But it?s a beautiful attempt of God to appreciate his mystical creation


Author: Prithvi S J Monteiro