Wife never eve-teased as she wears sarees: Goa minister

Panaji, April 7 (IANS) After there were reports of his wife’s comments about Western culture Deepak_Dhavalikarcausing rape, Goa Minister for Factories and Boilers Deepak Dhavalikar defended her statement, claiming his spouse has never been eve-teased because she wears sarees.

In a public endorsement of his wife comments, Dhavalikar, who dodged queries from journalists all through Monday, said rapes were fewer in the past because of non-infiltration of the Western culture.

“She has lived her entire life wearing kumkum and sarees. She was never a victim of eve-teasing. That is what she must have explained to people,” Dhavalikar has been quoted as saying in media reports on Tuesday.

“In the past, rape cases were less because they (women) adhered by Hindu dharma and now such cases are on the rise because of the western style of living,” he has been quoted as saying.

In a meeting organised by the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on Sunday, Lata Dhavalikar said: “Incidents of rape are on the rise, largely owing to the fact that women have adopted western culture.”

Deepak Dhavalikar, who along with his brother Sudin, is a senior leader of the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, a regional political outfit which is a part of the Bharatiya Janata Party ruling alliance in Goa.

In April last year, Deepak Dhavalikar demanded the formation of a Hindu nation under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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What’s with these BJP ministers and their inability to talk sense?? I suggest he explain why India has the second largest population in the world? Wearing Sarees does not seem to have controlled peoples urge to procreate. Western Culture is the easy way out to explain our own weaknesses and failings as a society.

B. Dinesh

In the past it was the British to be blamed for everything that was wrong with India – and now it is the western culture! It is not what the women wear! The fact of the matter is that Indian parents have systematically been involved in female infanticide for decades leading to an imbalance in the male to female ratio. One way to address the issue is to legalize prostitution. Both the politicians and the people have to agree to a solution. Blaming the west is not the answer. The minister is a hypocrite as I cannot trust that he… Read more »

Mango Man

For each and everything peple do surrender to ‘WESTERN CULTURE” as if it is the bench mark for social welL being. Please think independently.
Do not be slave of western culture which is good for them only.


Mango man as the name mango sugggest is from an imported fruit in india. People like mango man talk against western cultures as his post says.Such a big hypocrite. Just like those sriram sena persons wearing jeans and attacking other innocent people for western culture.

B. Dinesh

So, we in India want western companies to invest and provide jobs. We in India want access to western education for our students. We in India want our so called “Software Engineers” (really?) to get H1 visas……basically we want as many $$$$$ as possible…..and want to blame the western countries for their culture too? No western company or culture asked Indian women to adopt their dress code or style or makeups! Indian women wanted to choose what they want to wear because India is still a democracy! Do we want to be like Taliban or Pakistan and control our women?… Read more »

Original R.Pai

Both Goa minister and B.Dinesha (with multiple degrees from University of London) don’t sound very intelligent. The Goa minister seems to be embarrassing himself with his lame excuse for those who disrespect women by passing comments in public. I don’t care saree or mini-skirt, nobody has the right to rape a woman. Blaming the victim is what this Minister is doing and he should be fired from his post. On the other hand, our Dinesha turns this into another straw-man argument to blame entire India. For example, see how he blames India for global economy that was originally started by… Read more »


Both Goa minister and B.Dinesha (with multiple degrees from University of London) don’t sound very intelligent. – Original RampaNNA

Why does our O(MG) RampaNNA have a beef with Mr. Dinesh’s multiple degrees while having no beef on his Chaddi party’s ban on beef in Maha and Haryana while NO BAN on beef in Goa (another Chaddi stronghold)?

In fact, if I’m not mistaken he has a beef against EVERYBODY except his Chaddi dosts. Right ya RampaNNA?