‘Will Buy a New Auto-Rickshaw for Purushotham Poojary from my own Funds’- MLA Vedavyas Kamath

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‘Will Buy a New Auto-Rickshaw for Purushotham Poojary from my own Funds, and will get him the compensation of Rs Five Lakhs from BJP within 12 days’- MLA Vedavyas Kamath

Mangaluru: A delegation led by Mangaluru South Constituency MLA Vedavyas Kamath, met the cooker-bomb victim at his residence in Ujjodi, who had sustained burns in that blast near Nagori on 19 November 2022, and was treated at Father Muller Hospital till he got discharged Saturday, 14 January 2023.

On the sidelines of his visit, MLA Kamath said, ” I will personally buy a new auto-rickshaw for Purushottam Poojary, who sustained terrible injuries in the cooker bomb blast which took place on 19 November 2022. I have also directed the RTO to give him a permit for the new auto-rickshaw based on the old permit which he already has. Also when we are ready to hand him over the new auto, we will hand over the compensation of Rs 5 lakhs from the BJP, as promised. Meanwhile,  DK Deputy Commissioner Ravi Kumar has already sent a proposal to the government for the compensation assured to Poojary. We will try our best to help Poojary since he was an innocent victim, and we must help him more than others politicizing the issue unnecessarily”.

Purushotham seen before the Cooker Bomb Blast…

…………..Seen after the blast getting treatment in hospital

MLA further said, ” Since Poojary won’t be able to work for a year as per his doctor’s advice due to his injuries, we will help him in every possible way to earn his living. We will be supporting him til he is fit to earn on his own. Since his daughter is getting married in a few months, we will provide financial support. Also in the meantime, his house is getting renovated by an organization of Kudroli Temple, and once it is ready he can move out of the rented house. He can even rent out the new auto-rickshaw and earn some income till he recovers to run it by himself. Poojary’s health is our concern, and we will keep in touch with the family. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and District Minister-in-charge Sunil Kumar have already raised the issue with CM Bommai and we are hoping that the compensation will be handed over to Poojary within the next 10-12 days”.


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