‘Will Fight Right-Wing Activism & Fundamentalists through Soft Socialism & Secularism’- Youth Congress

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‘Will Fight Right-Wing Activism & Fundamentalists through Soft Socialism & Secularism’- Youth Congress

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during his maiden press meet after being elected as Dakshina Kannada Youth Congress president Luqman Bantwal said, “We will take strong and concrete steps under my leadership, to make some changes in Congress party in Dakshina Kannada, and see that it reaches greater heights. We will form a committee in each village in the district in order to revive Youth Congress, and it will be done within the next three months. Each committee will be formed on the basis of party ideology and principles, and that the members of the committee will be made compulsory to attend orientation programmes organized for four days at different places.”

Luqman further said, “The committee will work hard and with determination to spread positive nationalism against communalism in the district, and will also highlight and create awareness on the propaganda of ‘Godse nationalism’ and fascism to the public. We will also see that the Youth Congress members work to educate people on the history of Congress and its ideology, highlighting the sacrifices of Congress leaders during the independence struggle, contribution of Congress to the country through the IT Revolution, Green Revolution and Land Reforms.”

“It should be noted that the people who were associated with the British, are now projecting themselves as nationals by projecting Congress as “anti-nationals through their fake narrative of nationalism”. Therefore, Youth Congress members will concentrate and work hard in educating people on the real narrative of nationalism, democratic rights and the constitution. Presently, communalism is being propagated to divert people’s attention from the real problems of the country, even though India is a secular country. We will do our best to handle and fight right-wing activism and fundamentalists through soft socialism and secularism, exclusive by not indulging in violence,” added Luqman Bantwal.

Ms Sanjana Chalwadi, Chittaranjan Shetty Bondala, Hanif Kateel, Anil Pai, Sahul Hamid, among others were present during the press meet.

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  1. Beware of the Ides of March!

    Socialism leads to Communism. Communism leads to Fascism and Totalitarianism.

    If after almost 75 years of “soft socialism” majority of Indians still don’t understand why they are poor and living in miserable conditions then they simbly deserve it!

    Nazism – National Socialism .

    “Socialists are always going to promise you free tuition, free health care, free everything, but they will never promise you freedom.” : Venezuela-born Maria Fernanda Bello, a coalition director for Young Americans Against Socialism.

    Road to Serfdom – Friedrich von Hayek

    There is no free lunch (because someone has to pay for it and it is never the politician who pays from his own pocket)- Milton Friedman

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