‘Will Take Strict Action on College Administration If RAGGING is Not Controlled’- Top Cop

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‘Will Take Strict Action on College Administration If RAGGING is Not Controlled’- Top Cop N Shashi Kumar

Mangaluru: In the wake of FOUR RAGGING cases reported in Mangaluru City at various Nursing and Physiotherapy Colleges in the past six months, Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar has issued a stern warning to the administrations of Colleges against ragging taking place in their institutions and said that cases will be booked against the administrative boards of colleges and institutions if Senior Students are involved in ragging the junior students.

 While issuing a media release, the police commissioner has stated “I would like to inform you that Four cases of ragging were reported in the city in the past six months, in which more than 20 students between ages of 19 to 21 years of age have been arrested in this regard. Since there are more than two lakh students from other states as well as from other countries pursuing their education here in the City colleges, the Police department has taken measures to protect them. Even then some cases of ragging are being reported and our aim is to stop it permanently”.

“Stringent action will be taken against students who are involved in such incidents of ragging. Already administrative committees of all colleges have been instructed to take action to protect the junior students from ragging. They have been advised to form a committee to prevent ragging. If any negligence is noted on the part of the administrative committee of the educational institutions, a case will be registered against the committee also. In the 14 July ragging case, all the six students are natives of Kerala state” added the Police Commissioner.


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  1. Extremely nasty menace. Please take immediate action based on complaints. The number of incidents gets reported maybe 1 in 100 or even lesser. And even among those reported, only a tiny fraction finally reaches police as the colleges try to hush them up due to ‘influential’ and ‘cash rich’ parents. In fact, one of the reasons why many students want to ‘rag’ is to show off how influential or rich their parents are. So the police should first take action against so-called influential people. Then the ragging cases will definitely reduce.

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