Win Cash Prizes! Click Pics of POTHOLES & Whatsapp to 9731485875-a Contest by Ivan D’souza

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Win Cash Prizes! Click Pics of POTHOLES & Whatsapp to 9731485875-an Unique Contest by former MLC Ivan D’souza, named ‘SMART CITY MODEL ROAD-POTHOLES-2022

Mangaluru: With the increasing number of POTHOLES in the City, which have also resulted in deaths of motorists and also severe injuries due to accidents from these crater size potholes, Former MLC Ivan D’Souza briefing the media persons during a press meet held at Mangaluru Press Club said, “I feel ashamed to say that due to smart city developmental projects by Mangaluru Smart city Ltd (MSCL) and also by Mangaluru City Corporation, the majority streets have been dug and are not been restored to their originality after completion of the works. Along with these projects of MSCL and MCC, GAIL gas Pipeline Co and Jalasiri 24X7 have taken up their works, resulting in total damage of roads”.

Ivan further said, “In order to bring awareness and wake up our officials who have been showing negligence towards the safety of the pedestrians and motorists through dug-up roads and potholes at every nook and corner of the City, we have come up with a unique photo competition programme on the concept ‘Smart City-Model Road-Potholes-2022’. All you have to do is click photos of the ugliest and dilapidated road with potholes and dug up spots and whatsapp the pictures to our number mentioned

” It should be noted that due to these treacherous roads motorists, especially two-wheeler riders, and other vehicles are suffering a lot on the national highways and also in the city. Many lives have been lost, and many motorists have been seriously injured. Recently a young engineering student died avoiding a pothole near Bikarnakatte, and also a M Sc student of Mangalore University was seriously injured trying to avoid a pothole on Netravati bridge. We can’t allow people to lose their lives and get injured due to carelessness of our concerned authorities. Even though we had submitted a memorandum to MCC and MSCL officials, to fill the potholes at the earliest, but our efforts are all in vain” added Ivan.

Ïvan further said, “Just look a the road from Jyothi Circle going down Balmatta road, it is totally destroyed due to digging of Jalasiri water pipeline and MSCL works. Also the Vas Lane is in shambles for a year, with potholes and interlocks coming loose. It is the responsibility of the government to fill the potholes and provide motorable roads. Also, the government should maintain the roads in good condition. To bring such menace to the attention of the government, MCC and MSCL this unique ‘Smart City-Model Road-Potholes-2022’ photo contest is planned”.

“All people have to do is click photographs of huge potholes within the limits of Mangaluru City Corporation limits. The best photographs will win cash prizes, where the first prize is Rs 5,000, second prize is Rs 3,000 and the third prize w Rs 2,000, all of them sponsored by Auto-Rickshaw Unions and Bus Drivers Unions. Those interested to participate in the competition can send photos, videos, and GPS location of the potholes to whatsapp phone number 9731485875.
A three person jury will give away the prizes on August 30 at 3.30 pm in front of the Smart City office. The 3 judges are Gilbert D’Souza, Mahesh Kodikal, and Abdul Azeez” added Ivan D’souza

The conveners of this contest, namely Ms Meena Tellis, Ramananda Poojary, Marcel Monteiro, Vikas Shetty, and Deekshith Attavar were present during the press meet.


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