With AWHC Contract Ending Soon, MCC Will Collect Garbage Independently

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With Antony Waste Handling Cell (AWHC) Contract Ending Soon, Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Will Collect Garbage Independently

Mangaluru: The Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) is getting ready to commence door-to-door waste collection and transportation to the garbage disposal site, on its own. However, the tender process for the operation and maintenance is getting delayed, as the rate quoted by bidders is more than the estimated cost. Even Antony Waste Handling Cell (AWHC), which is currently handling the waste collection, has submitted its tender, which is under negotiation at the moment. However, MCC still owes nearly Rs 70 crore in pending amount to AWHC for the service rendered during their 7-8 year contract, which will be ending by September or October 2023.

. The city corporation has already procured 45 jeep-tippers (Tata Yodha brand) and compactors will also be purchased to commence door-to-door waste collection in 60 wards of the city. The seven-year contract of Antony Waste Handling Cell for door-to-door waste collection in the city ended in January 2022. Following this, MCC decided to procure vehicles for the purpose and outsource the operation and maintenance. Though the contract of Antony Waste Handling Cell to collect and transport waste ended, they are continuing the service, at the request of MCC. The city corporation will be able to commence its waste collection process only if the bids are finalised.


Meanwhile, MCC council chief whip of the ruling party Premanand Shetty speaking to the media said that the city corporation has already procured vehicles, but the process of tenders for the operation and maintenance is yet to be completed. “While the MCC will provide vehicles, only the operation and maintenance will be outsourced. Since the bidders have quoted high rates in the tenders, the process is getting delayed. We will have to seek government sanctions since the lowest bidder also has quoted the amount which is more than 30% of the estimated cost,” added Shetty.

It is learnt that in September 2021, the MCC held a special meeting to discuss the detailed project report (DPR) prepared by consultants for the collection of about 380 tonnes of waste from 60 wards of the city corporation and transport it to the dump yard every day. As per the DPR, the city corporation will purchase the vehicles required for the collection and transportation of waste. Meanwhile, the operation and maintenance will be outsourced to an agency through a tender process, once the DPR is approved by the council.

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