With Love from a SENIOR to a JUNIOR! Octogenarian Vacates His Hospital Bed For a Young Patient

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With Love from a SENIOR to a JUNIOR! Octogenarian Vacates His Hospital Bed For a Young Patient

  •  With Love from a SENIOR to a JUNIOR! Octogenarian (85-Year-Old Man ) Vacates His Hospital Bed For a Young Patient at a Nagpur Hospital.

Mangaluru: While India is running out of hospital beds, oxygen, vaccinations, Covid-19 medicines etc, our NAMO government is busy in building statues, monuments spending crores, and raising crores in donation to build a Temple, while thousands of Indians are dying daily due to Covid-19- Is this what you call DEVELOPMENT made during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi During the last couple of days India registered its highest caseload of new coronavirus cases as the country reeled under a shortage of hospital beds, ventilators, palliative drugs, medical and nursing staff and oxygen cylinders.

There were also lengthy queues at crematoriums and burial grounds across the country as bodies piled up outside them. Medical experts believe a double-mutation virus – classified as B I.617– which spreads far more swiftly than earlier variants, is responsible for the second Covid-19 wave which gripped India last month. Television news channels relayed heart-wrenching footage of hundreds of people in small towns wailing and shouting as loved ones infected by the virus died in the searing summer sun while trying to gain entry to overcrowded hospitals. Thereafter they queued for hours at packed crematoriums to immolate the deceased, surrounded by scores of funeral pyres that burned around the clock.

85-year-old Narayan Dabhalkar

However, this apocalyptic situation has deterred neither millions of Hindus, gathered on the banks of the Ganges river in northern India for a holy festival, nor political parties, including prime minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), from holding rallies for various state elections. In both instances the bulk of people were mask-less and herded together cheek-by-jowl. Tens of thousands of Hindu devotees took a dip in the Ganges at Haridwar in Uttarakhand state north of New Delhi, for the fifth consecutive day to celebrate the Kumbh Mela or Pitcher Festival that occurs once every 12 years.

And while the Union government as well as state governments are showing total negligence towards such issues, of lack of hospital beds, vaccinations, oxygen etc, here is a heart-breaking story of a 85-year-old man identified as Narayan Dabhalkar, voluntarily walking of a Nagpur hospital so that he could save the life of younger patient. This octogenarian sacrificed his own life to save a 40-year-old man by vacating his hospital bed, even when the doctors strictly warned him against it. However, sadly he died at his home. May His Soul Rest In Peace!

Sources reveal that Dabhalkar got admitted to Indira Gandhi government hospital in Nagpur on April 22 with acute Covid 19 symptoms and low oxygen levels. However, only after a couple of hours, he opted for a discharge against medical advice and decided to go home. The reason? While he was at the hospital, he saw a woman crying and begging to get her 40-year-old husband admitted. Even his kids were crying. With an aim to help him, Dabhalkar vacated his bed so that a much younger person’s life could be saved. “I am 85. I have lived my life. Saving the life of a young man is more important. Their children are young…please give my bed to them,” he told the doctors, it is learnt.


Patients have to Manage due to Shortage of beds in Hospitals

Despite the doctors’ suggestion that treatment is necessary, he stuck to his decision and died three days after he was brought home. “My father said he would prefer to spend his last moments with us rather than the hospital. He also told us about the young patient. I have already lived my life and would rather leave it to fate instead of blocking a bed for two-three days at the cost of a younger patient’, his daughter Aasawari told the media. Notably, Dabhalkar was an employee of the state government’s department of statistics, and also an active member of the RSS.

A post on social media on Monday said that Narayan Dabhalkar had sacrificed a bed for a young patient. The report, however, quoted an official saying that even if a patient voluntarily leaves, a bed is not assigned to a specific person on request. “Whom to give the bed is the prerogative of the doctor. Although Dabhalkar leaving would have certainly eased the pressure by creating space for someone else,” the official said. As per media report, Dabhalkar was yet to be taken inside the Covid-19 ward and was still in the casualty section when he decided to give up his bed. Even leaving the casualty ward would have eased the pressure, the official was quoted as saying by the media.

Hope the concerned officials in the central and state governments will learn from this example that hospital beds, vaccinations, oxygen, Covid-19 medicines etc are more important in the present scenario than Developmental works, or building statues, monuments and temples?

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