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With Love from EMPLOYERS to EMPLOYEES! Staff to get Free Flight Travel from Gulf to Kudla from their Bosses

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With Love from EMPLOYERS to EMPLOYEES! Staff to get Free Flight Travel from Gulf to Kudla, and other Facilities from their Bosses, starting

Mangalru: Do you work for a good boss or bad boss? Start by thinking of the worst boss you ever had. Chances are someone comes immediately to mind. Why do you consider this person “the worst?” How did he or she act? How did this person’s approach affect your attitude and work effort? Did this person influence you to do your best? Now, think of a situation where you had the best manager ever. It’s harder to identify a boss who shines, isn’t it? What was this person like, and what did he or she do differently? How did this person affect you and your work effort? The number one reason employees say they quit is because of unhappiness with their boss. Good bosses have great people skills that inspire their teams. And this story is about the Good bosses who love and care for their employees- and during this time of pandemic have come forward to share part of their wealth with their dedicated and committed employees, by giving them FREE travel expenses from Gulf Countries to Mangaluru, and also added facilities. Isn’t it nice to have such kind of BOSSES?

When the Covid-19 lockdown kicked in, and companies and businesses were shut down, many bad bosses put their employees in hardship, either by not paying their salaries or terminating them from their jobs. And the employees who faced the agony and hardship under such employers were the thousands of migrants- and we have seen them right in front our eyes, and also heard their harrowing ordeals under the hands of their employers- and many such migrants who faced such hardship under such bad bosses, had left back (some still waiting) to their native places and vowed not to return back after experiencing such kind of torture and abandonment from their employers.

KS Sheikh Karnire, Zakariya Jokatte,
Director of Expertise-Contracting Co Limited, Saudi Arabia CEO of Al Muzain Company, Saudi Arabia

But absolutely not in the case of these four employers featured in this article, who have turned out to be Good Samaritans, by sharing part of their wealth and contributing it towards the flight expenses of their employees and their family members to travel from Saudi Arabia and nearby Gulf countries. While the government, politicians and other authorities had made no arrangements for such passengers, with no Vande Bharat Mission flights scheduled to Karnataka from Saudi Arabia, Four expat entrepreneurs from our very own Namma Mangaluru have hired a chartered flights and will send back home needy passengers who cannot afford the repatriation cost. These flights will land at Mangaluru International Airport very soon and they are awaiting permission from the government.

L-R : Althaf Ullal, the Managing Director & Basheer Sagar, CEO, who run Saad Al Qahtani Contracting (SAQCO) in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Thanks to Althaf Ullal, the Managing Director and Basheer Sagar, CEO, who run Saad Al Qahtani Contracting (SAQCO) based in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia; KS Sheikh Karnire, Director of Expertise-Contracting Co Limited, Saudi Arabia and Zakariya Jokatte, CEO of Al Muzain Company, Saudi Arabia. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Asif Ahmed, founder of Team B- Human, who is co-ordinating from Mangaluru with the above sponsors and their employees said, “At the moment we have already identified needy passengers and awaiting government nod to fly to India. It was indeed a kind gesture of Althaf Ullal and Basheer Sagar to understand the need for such repatriation as many were facing health issues, job loss and others”

“After Covid-19 outbreak, NRI’s in Gulf countries have suffered a lot and helping them was the utmost responsibility as these people when they had jobs and business used to participate actively on each development activities back home by contributing and putting efforts wholeheartedly. Taking this into consideration the support extended by Althaf and Basheer is just not a help but a moral responsibility and gratitude. SAQCO will bear the ticket fare for all the 167 needy passengers. Eligible Kannadigas are prioritized to travel on the basis of emergency cases like: pregnant women, senior citizens, medical emergency, stranded visit visa holders, distressed workers, death of near relative in India and any special cases. Recently Althaf and Basheer also have distributed 6000 food kits for the needy apart from supporting many educational institutions, NGOs, associations and religious centres” added Asif Ahmed.

It is learnt that Three flights to Mangaluru from Saudi Arabia/Gulf Countries sponsored by these employers will carry their staff and their family members on 2nd, 5th and 8th June 2020. Also one flight is also arranged to carry local public who are stranded in the Gulf. After these passengers reach Mangaluru airport, the health check-ups and quarantine arrangements have been done by these sponsors at their own cost. Therefore, as we are already seeing a bunch of Vande Bharat Mission Air India Express flights landing at MIA, our Mangaluru airporst will also start seeing the landing of few chartered flights from Dubai and Saudi Arabia in the first and second week of June. These chartered flights are arranged by these expat Mangalurean businessmen to ferry their employees and their families, who have been placed on leave due to Covid-19 pandemic. It is learnt that as of now, as many as seven chartered flights including five from Dammam, Saudi Arabia expected to arrive in MIA soon.

Six chartered flights will land from Saudi Arabia to MIA in the nearest future. Of which, one chartered flight is sponsored by Althaf Ullal, which will carry 167 needy passengers who cannot afford the repatriation cost. The rest five chartered flights from Saudi Arabia are sponsored by expats business from Mangaluru to repatriate their stranded employees. Asif Ahmed founder of Team B- Human, further said that KS Sheikh Karnire, director of Expertise-Contracting Co Limited, Saudi Arabia has already booked nine chartered flights to India out which two will land in MIA. Each flight will have 180 passengers. While others will land at various other South India airports . Zakariya Jokatte, CEO of Al Muzain Company, Saudi Arabia has chartered three flights to carry home his employees and their families. The first flight is expected to land on 2 June 2020. Zakariya has also planned for another chartered flight to carry Mangalureans who are stranded in Saudi Arabia and is waiting for Indian government permission “.

Sources also reveal that, Praveen Shetty, Chairman of the Fortune Group of Hotels, Dubai and also President of the Karnataka Non-Resident Indian Forum (KNRI) has arranged chartered SpiceJet flight, if everything goes on as planned, will land at Mangaluru Airport on 1 June, carrying 177 passengers. It is learnt that this flight will include Shetty’s hotel staff and their family members working in Dubai, where most of them hail from Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kasaragod Districts. Shetty has also booked three hotels including two in Udupi for quarantine facilities, with all expenses of the staff borne by his company, reveal sources.

The stranded expats in Saudi Arabia who want to return home are requested to contact: Hakeem (+966 537155388) or mail at helpdesk@saqco.com.

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