With Motto ‘Heal & Comfort’ The Mullerian Family Celebrated 182nd ‘Founder’s Day’ in Glitz & Grandeur

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With Motto ‘Heal & Comfort’ The Mullerian Family Celebrated 182nd Founder’s Day in Pomp, Glitz & Grandeur-For the last 143 years the Mullerian Family has been serving the suffering Humanity and has given FREE medical services to the needy, keeping in mind ‘SERVICE’ before ‘MONEY’!

The STAR attraction of the Founder’s Day cultural extravaganza was the song “RAAJAKUMARA’ earlier starred Puneeth Rajkumar in that 2017 Kannada movie, but on FMCI’s Founder’s Day the ‘RAAJAKUMARA’ was Fr Richard Coelho-the Director of FMCI, and the song was well sung by the FMCI priests as a love and respect to their FMCI Raajakumara!

Mangaluru: Monday,13 March 2023 was a day of CELEBRATION, when the happy Mullerian Family comprising of Priests, Nuns, Doctors, Nurses, Health Care and Non-Health Care staff joined together in celebrating 143 years of existence of the glorious group of Father Muller Charitable Institutions, and also the 182nd Birthday of their founder, Father Augustus Muller- and they called the celebration as “Founder’s Day of FMCI”, where the FMCI family gathered in large numbers with love and pride.

Father Muller’s has grown exponentially over the past century and now is formed by a multitude of institutions, like Father Muller Medical College, Hospital & Central Laboratory; FMMC – Allied Health Sciences; FM Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Pharmaceutical division; FMCoSH; FM Simulation & Skills Centre; FM Research centre; FMCON & SON; St Joseph’s Leprosy Hospital; Rehabilitation Unit & Vailankanni de-addiction unit; FMH, Thumbay, and FM Salvadore Monteiro Rural Health Centre, Bajpe, has served the suffering humanity with care and love, keeping in mind “SERVICE before MONEY”. FMCI is accredited with the prestigious NAAC, NABH and NABL and this has been brought about by the persistent perseverance and diligence of every member of the Mullerian family. It is not a one-time achievement but an ongoing process of continual improvement in all dimensions.

FMCI is a basket of traditions where there is no discrimination and there is only one religion – the religion of humanity. As a sign of this unity, representing various traditions and showcasing them colourfully, the house-packed audience assembled at the state-of-the-art Father Muller Convention Centre welcomed the procession led by the brass band, escorting the dignitaries of the glittering celebration. And it was time for everyone to bask in the visual and wholesome experience that awaited all, as the function was all set to kick off at 6 pm, on Monday, 13 March 2023, after a two-year break due to the pandemic.

But before the formal celebration at the Convention Centre, a thanksgiving mass was held at St Joseph’s Chapel concelebrated by Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha-the Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese, joined by Fr Richard Coelho-the Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions and another clergy, FMMC Administrator-Fr Ajith B Menezes; FMHMCH Administrator-Fr Roshan Crasta; Father Muller Hospital Thumbay Fr Sylvester Vincent Lobo; among others.

As the huge FMCI family was all glued to their seats to celebrate the 182nd birthday of Rev Fr Augustus Muller and the 143 years since FMCI was founded, and while they cherished the visions and humble beginnings of Fr Augustus Muller in 1880, they also witnessed how they have realized his dreams as a large Mullerian family of nearly 6000 plus, including doctors, students, post-graduates and interns and nursing and other staff, and they establish loftier goals for the near and distant future in their minds and hearts. For the thousands who assembled on the FMCI campuses – whether they had come here as students to learn, as health care professionals to treat, as teachers to enlighten, as staff to usher or as priests and nuns to guide – they were all here like Fr Augustus Muller to only heal and comfort and to love and care for the suffering humanity. It is such a wonderful motto that forms the basis of their being Mullerians whatever role they play.

Fr Augustus Muller was a visionary like no other – who started his service in the simplest form for the suffering humanity – and has today become the foundation of who the FMCI family are and what they do every day, it was time to offer Floral Respect to the great visionary and founder Fr Augustus Muller as they celebrated his 182nd birthday. Starting from the Chief Guest of the celebration-Bishop Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha followed by Fr Richard Aloysius Coelho, Fr Ajith Menezes, Fr Roshan Crasta, Fr Vincent Sylvester Lobo, Dr B Sanjeev Rai (Chief of Research), Sr Jacintha D’souza, Principal, College of Nursing, Sr Dhania Devasia-CNO, among others- they all offered floral tributes to the portrait of Fr Augustus Muller, followed by the Institution Anthem as a mark of respect to their Founder.

To invoke God’s choicest blessings on today’s ceremony, it was time to pray to him with humility and purity, followed by the welcome dance gracefully performed by the students. In his welcome address director of FMCI Fr Richard Coelho said, “Father Muller Charitable Institutions have been touching the lives of thousands of people for the last 143 long years. The institution founded by Father Augustus Muller in 1880 stands out as a hallmark of medical service and education in our country. With its motto of “Heal and Comfort”, it is committed to bringing healthcare solace to the suffering humanity. Our hospitals focus on installing sophisticated precision equipment, non-invasive diagnosis and surgeries and other state-of-the-art techniques with quality and ethical service. It provides super speciality treatment with state-of-the-art facilities with experienced doctors following world-class health care practices”.

He further said, “My sincere thanks to the faculty and staff who put in their selfless service and dedication to uplift the institutions and thus bring about healing and comfort of the sick. The enthusiasm to teach in the healthcare sector, and to bring in knowledge-equipped health personnel is the need of the hour and all the faculty and staff are deserving of credit for doing so. The progress of the organization depends on our faculty and staff, therefore I urge all of you to put in your best efforts. A culture of ‘belonging’ needs to be inculcated from within and regulations need to be part of the routine in work setup. Discipline needs to be followed to run a well-oiled army. Let us all join and work in unity and make FMCI a brand name across the world in Health Care”.

Chief guest Bishop Dr Peter Paul Saldanha addressing the audience said, “ In the Bible, Jesus says, “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me”- therefore we should follow these words when we serve humankind. Saint Mother Teresa knew her mission and she did it the right way. Similarly, Father Augustus Muller who sowed the seed 143 years ago, has now grown into a mighty tree with vast branches. Even though these days, health care has become a money-making business, at FMCI, they think of service to humankind first, then think of making money. Service to mankind with a smile, care and with the motto “Heal and Comfort”. Right from the ward boy, and security to the doctors, they are all like a family at FMCI, serving as a Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ”.

Prizes were distributed to the winners in various co-curricular and sporting events by the chief guest and others. An audio-video presentation on “Down Syndrome’ was released by the Bishop. Speaking of roles the Mullerians play – they had a great evening set up for everyone– there were roles and there were plays, followed by a sumptuous dinner and ending the celebration with live Dj music and a baila session by the brass band. The beauty of Namma Kudla was brought forth by the Yakshagana art form by the staff and students.

We Indians celebrate festivals with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour. Festivals are a time for bonding; a time for cross-cultural exchange; a time to forgive and forget. Folk dances of India personify the music, lyrics, costumes and colours of the lands they come from. Faculty and students of Father Muller Institutions performed a scintillating folk dance which enthralled the audience. The dance performance from Father Muller Homeopathic College was also vibrant. It was indeed a great evening. Having gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. The programme was eloquently and meticulously compared in English by Dr Sherlyn Paul and in Kannada by Ms Silviya N Lobo, of Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay.

The STAR attraction of the Founder’s Day cultural extravaganza was the song “RAAJAKUMARA’ earlier starred Puneeth Rajkumar in that 2017 Kannada movie, but on FMCI’s Founder’s Day the ‘RAAJAKUMARA’ was Fr Richard Coelho-the Director of FMCI, and the song was well sung by the FMCI priests as a love and respect to their FMCI Raajakumra!

Indeed the whole celebration was put together by so many people who worked hard for the success of the event. Wow- this FOUNDER’S DAY celebration was simply a BLAST, with Staff and faculty from the various sister institutions of FMCI turned into actors, dancers, singers, and musicians exhibiting folk art, western and eastern music and the Indian culture- thus unleashing their hidden talents and making the celebration ONE of the BEST in the HISTORY of FMCI.

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