With ‘Path Traveled & Path Traversed’ PAGE Kicks Off ‘ALZHEIMER’S MONTH 2022’

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With ‘Path Traveled & Path Traversed’ People`s Association for Geriatric Empowerment (PAGE) Kicks Off ‘ALZHEIMER’S MONTH-2022’ on 3 September at Kadri Park at 8 am, with a theme ‘Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s’

Mangaluru: September Is here! And It’s Time to Care! ‘Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s, is the theme for this year. And People`s Association of Geriatric Empowerment (PAGE,Mangalore) invites people for the observation of Alzheimer`s Month by creating awareness on Healthy ageing for prevention of Alzheimer`s disease. Each September, people unite from all corners of the world to raise awareness and to challenge the stigma that persists around Alzheimer’s disease and all types of dementia and promote healthy ageing. It is estimated that 5.3 million people above the age of 60 have dementia in India in 2020. This equals one in 27 people, according to the Dementia in India 2020 report. Alzheimer’s dementia is the most common type of dementia.

Talk about a perfect weather- No Rain, Only Shine for the Inaugural part of the “ALZHEIMER’S MONTH 2022” programme, at Kadri Park, Mangaluru at 8 am on 3 September 2022. And for that matter all the “Youngsters” between the age of 50 plus to 80 plus woke up early in the morning of bright Saturday, and assembled at the Kadri park ground for the big launch of World Alzheimer’s Month- while the other “Youngsters” who were lazy to get up being a lazy day, showed up a bit late and joined everyone at the Park, to make it a huge gathering. Many attired in red and white, a few in just red clothing, others attired in just white, while a few others attired in their preferred clothing gathered to support a good cause pertaining to Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s indeed nice to note that the City of Mangaluru with the tremendous efforts put in by the energetic members of “PAGE” (People’s Association for Geriatric Empowerment) in taking its step towards a “Dementia Friendly City”. A bunch of organizations and district authorities taking a step towards a “Dementia Friendly City” and with the 2022 theme ‘Know Dementia, Know Alzheimer’s’‘ launched the “World Alzheimer’s Month-September 2022. PAGE was joined by Vishwas Trust; Spoorthi Charitable Trust; Mangaluru; Alzheimer`s Association; Bright H.R Solutions; AGE Mangaluru; Lions Club; Rotary Club; Nitte University; KMC Nava Chaithanya; Yenepoya University; A J Institute of Medical Sciences; Inner Wheel, Mangalore Association of Senior Citizens; Susheg Trust; Ave Maria Palliative Care Home, SDM College, among others.

Although current Alzheimer’s treatments cannot stop Alzheimer’s from progressing, they can temporarily slow the worsening of dementia symptoms and improve the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers. Today, there is a worldwide effort underway to find better ways to treat the disease, delay its onset, and prevent it from developing. Organizations like PAGE/Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association (MAA) and many other associations/medical and social institutions are now bound to play an important role in caring for the elderly with symptoms of Alzheimer’s/Dementia. They say that Dementia has no cure, but a lot can be achieved by proper care and awareness projects organized by these concerned organizations, who have come forward for the rescue of the Dementia affected people.

Welcoming the gathering always in his witty style was done by Jeradin D’souza-the secretary of PAGE where he said, “The coming together of so many organizations to serve our Elders Cause is in itself a Great Victory and we shall use this Positive Energy to Make a Difference to the Quality of Life of our Elders.There will be Awareness & Prevention, Memory Test Clinics, Movies on Dementia and Involvement of all parts of Society from Students to Eminent Citizens. PAGE appeals to Everyone to be a part of this ”World Alzheimer’s Month” and this is What Makes Mangaluru, Truly a SMART City”.

Dr Prabha Adhikari-the Founder of KMC Nava Chaitanya and Vice President of PAGE briefing on Alzheimer’s Month said, ” We’re encouraging people all around the world to learn to spot the signs of dementia, but also not to forget about loved ones who are living with dementia, or those who may have passed away. We must not avoid but speak about the topic, Dementia. Twelve risk factors are likely to make an individual vulnerable to Dementia. Those who weighed below 2 kg at the time of birth, those who had completed education up to SSLC, those suffering from hearing impairment and/or obesity and those suffering from loneliness are likely to get Dementia”.

“Following today’s Launch of Alzheimer’s Month at Kadri Park, along with Fitness tests, Memory tests, training in walking variations; Competitions –Story Telling competition –spontaneous –one minute with a continuation by the next person –Young and old can participate –Only 2 per organization can join; Music Competition –Kadri Park –Seniors will sing and youth will be judges –Only 2 best from each organization can participate; Fitness Competition; Memory competition,” added Dr Adhikari.

While concluding she said, “At Town Hall on 23 September –”Miss Mangalore Senior” and “Mr Senior Mangalore” Competition finalists from each organization and variety entertainment on the theme active ageing or on the theme Know dementia Know Alzheimer`s will be held. Organisations are requested to hold –all the competitions within the organisation and send the 2 best entries for Storytelling, music, physical fitness, and memory game winners and also select the most enterprising male and female senior by secret voting of the members of each group. These will have to compete for the finalist, Runner Up position at Townhall”.

The “World Alzheimer’s Month” was inaugurated by releasing a bunch of red and white balloons in the air, by the dignitaries on the dais namely-Dr Keshav Pai- Psychiatrist, KMCHospital; Dr Supriya Hegde Aroor-Psychiatrist Father Muller Hospital; Dr Ravish Thunga-Psychiatrist KMC Hospital; Vineeth Kumar- Tulu Cine Actor; Ln Gurupreeth-President Lions Club of Mangalore; Advocate Prithviraj Rai-President of Bar Council; Mohan Raj, Jeradin D’souza and Dr Prabha Adhikari of PAGE, joined by Team Leader of other organizations assembled at the event. All the dignitaries on the dais spoke on symptoms/illness like Alzheimer’s, cancer etc and complemented PAGE for doing a yeomen service in bringing awareness on Dementia through Alzheimer’s Month.

Team Upasana led by Prathiksha Prabhu mesmerized the crowd with their hip-shaking dance moves. There was laughter, fun and smiles on every Seniors face. Seemed like it was truly Holy ground! The assembled ”Old Youngsters” sang and laughed with rare zest and energy. And the bevvy of old-timers were joined by the “Big Star Attraction” of the day, “Selfie-Man” Er Jeradin D’Souza in their fun-n-frolic. After a few group photographs, everyone went home with sweet and happy memories..and such important memories…make them stick, with the theme of 2022. Sugar Test and Blood Pressure was conducted during the event by the Yenepoya Hospital team. The programme was eloquently & professionally compered by Ms Aarthi Dhareshwar, and the vote of thanks was proposed by Mohan Raj, the joint secretary and Treasurer of PAGE.

PAGE -People`s Association for Geriatric Empowerment synonymous in elders care from many many years. Trust registered on the 20th of August 2018 with the objectives of, Promoting healthy ageing; Raising awareness of Alzheimer`s disease (neurological disorder associated with memory loss and behavioural abnormalities); To offer free memory check-ups, BP and sugar check-ups in the month of September at multiple places; Awareness lecture wherever elderly can be collected.

For PAGE, the Path they Traveled, and the Path they Traversed, Growing Old is a Blessing, which the members are enjoying. Yes, there are Challenges in growing old, and .PAGE realized this and strived hard to make the growing old Years enjoyable by helping maintain both the Body and Soul in Joyful Condition. For many years the Active Ageing Centres PAGE started are Doing Exercises, both Yoga and other Physical and Mental activities. The ALZHEIMERS and other Old Age Related Challenges Awareness Campaigns have been Huge through TV. RADIO, print and electronic media, and Social Media, among others.

PAGE has brought the whole Elders Community together under one Roof. The various diverse organizations from the Youth to the Elders, all are a Part of the PAGE Movement. It was a Movement wanting to Happen and MANGALURU is Blessed to have an Organization of Various Organizations i.e.; PAGE: People’s Association for Geriatric Empowerment.

PAGE is an Organization having more than 50 Organizations striving hand in hand- A People’s Movement…for the Elders….And now let us make Namma ನಮ್ಮ MANGALURU more DEMENTIA Friendly! Activities conducted by PAGE so far are : Promotion of Healthy Ageing :Walks , memory tests, fitness tests, regular checkups at Kadri Park on the day of Launch of activities and as well as on valedictory Day in Town Hall with the support from Medical Universities/colleges .PAGE supports active ageing Groups by giving them wide publicity through paper articles, WhatsApp groups and coverage in magazines.

To raise awareness of the diseases afflicting older people such as Alzheimer`s disease: PAGE has conducted so far Eight Press conferences, organized 6 runs at Kadri Park, 8 TV Programmes, 4 annual programmes in Town Hall and Kadri Park, and addressed more than 78 senior clubs, service clubs or retired officer associations and addressed several Youth Organisations, Bank employees. PAGE also participates in Purple run to raise funds for dementia Research.

Mangalore ALZHEIMER’S Association- M.A.A., a Part of PAGE, being Active on Social Media receives calls from World over and the Suffering Families are Counselled and directed to the right Doctors and the Trained Caregivers. PAGE has set up a Caregiver forum and provides support by answering their queries and providing support whenever their loved ones need help such as a home nurse or doctor visit or online consultation .Caregivers are honoured on World Alzheimer`s day. PAGE publishes educational material for distribution free of cost and also Provides details of help available for seniors with dementia and other Neuropsychiatric Conditions by publishing Helpline Booklet.

As a result of our awareness campaign more than 1000 senior citizens undergo memory testing every year ,more than 100 seniors have undergone 14 module brain stimulation activities to improve memory, more than 317 people who were un-diagnosed received the diagnosis of Alzheimer`s disease and appropriate treatment . Also conduct Memory games, Fitness tests for the elderly, and organize competitions in music, storytelling, dance, and skits. Also, honour people who have fought Alzheimer`s disease and struggled to manage despite the disease, and honour caregivers as they suffer more than the patient with the disease.

Participating organizations along with PAGE are KMC Hospital Mangalore; Father Muller Hospital; AJ Institute of Medical Sciences; Nitte University; Yenepoya University; MCF; Lions Club; KMC Navachaitanya; Spoorthi Charitable Trust; Mangalore Alzheimer`s Association -MAA; Vishwas Trust; Bright Home Health Care; Team Upasana; AGE Mangalore; Mangalore Senior Citizen Association; PROBUS club; Rotary Inner Wheel Club; Business Network Mangalore; Roshni College (School of Social Work); SDM College; St. Aloysius College; Mangalore University College Mangalore & Konaje, among other institutions.

Dedicating this report in memory of Late Olinda Pereira, the Founder and backbone pof PAGE, and great friend of mine and Mangalorean.com, in conclusion, in my perspective, there is lack of awareness on the condition along with stigma. It is considered madness, and these individuals are socially isolated. To prevent wandering many of the elderly with dementia are even chained and fed as animals. They definitely need the love and care of their loved ones and society at this stage of their lives. Although it is not curable ,early diagnosis has interventions that can keep them active and independent much longer. And to bring much awareness about this disease we have chalked out various projects during World Alzheimer’s Month. Your support and patronage is very much needed in PAGE’s efforts to make Mangaluru Dementia Friendly. Thank you all for your great support on behalf of PAGE!

Future plans of PAGE are: Patients with Caregiver Outings; Integrated Brain Care and Research Centre; Awareness on Healthy ageing; Mangalore Senior Network. PAGE requests organisations, clubs, associations and individuals to contribute generously for their future projects. Come forward to care and support PAGE generously in their war against dementia and other chronic diseases affecting the elderly Please donate with a feeling. Be generous and use this opportunity to support the elders .Be generous and do not miss this opportunity to support the elders. Join for the Valedictory of Alzheimer’s Month on 23 September at Town Hall, Mangaluru (Await for more details soon).

For more details contact: Dr Prabha Adhikari at 9880991290 or Email: prabha.raghuveer@gmail.com
Er Jeradin D’souza- 9844074759; Mohan Raj-9743202273
Website: www.mangalorealzheimersassoc.wordpress.com

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