With Theme ‘After Corona, Kuch Karo Na!’ DTM Ms Malini Hebbar to Lead PTAT as 2023-24 President

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With the Theme ‘After Corona, Kuch Karo Na!’ Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Ms Malini Hebbar to Lead ‘PORT TOWN ADVANCED TOASTMASTERS’ (PTAT) as 2023-24 President, and the Installation ceremony was held on Sunday, 9 July 2023 at Hotel Ocean Pearl, Mangaluru
Mangaluru: A gloomy Sunday evening brought with it the delight of a warm cup of coffee and the start of an exhilarating year for Port Town Advanced Toastmasters. On 9 July 2023, PTAT held its Annual Installation Ceremony for the Executive Committee for the year 2023-24 at Ocean Pearl, Mangaluru. The program began at 6:30 pm with a soothing beverage and hot snacks to suit the weather. The Incoming and Outgoing Board members put on a quirky skit as they introduced the guests and went on to host the entire program.

The theme for this year’s event was chosen to be ‘AFTER CORONA, KUCH KARO NA!’ by the Incoming President, Malini Hebbar, DTM. Her mastery in putting on an action-filled program brought in bouts of laughter and any number of applause. All the guests and dignitaries were welcomed by the Incoming and Outgoing Sergeant at Arms of PTAT, Dr Sophie Zacharias and Geeta Pereira, DTM, respectively.

The dignitaries included the Director of District 121, Arjun Sundar Raj, DTM, Program Quality Director Savitha Salian, DTM, Club Growth Director Gokul Menon, DTM fondly known as the trio of District 121. It was a pleasurable moment to have the top three present at the Ceremony and it was highly appreciated. They were escorted to the dais by various Club Officers. They also had in attendance, the Area Director and Installation Officer for the evening, Sunita Pereira, DTM, Webinar Chair (PQD Team) Beena Vas, DTM, Finance Manager, TM Arundhathi Basu, Division Directors Sapna Shenoy, DTM and Pratap Nair, DTM and Area Director Vineetha.

The Chief Guest of the evening was Dr Akhter Hussain, former Dean of Yenepoya Dental College, Mangaluru. He was introduced by the Incoming and Outgoing Vice President of Public Relations of PTAT, TM Malini Mukund and TM Trisha Lara D’souza, respectively. The program was followed by the Incoming and Outgoing Secretary, Maria D’costa, DTM and TM Frana Pinto, respectively. TM Frana Pinto presented her Secretary Report for the past year and shared meticulous details of Port Town Meetings, Outings and Achievements.



Incoming and Outgoing Vice Presidents TM Anu Sharma and TM Amita Shetty then invited the Outgoing President Savitha Salian, DTM to share her Outgoing Speech. Savitha Salian, DTM started by sharing anecdotes of her life at home with her husband and two sons. She spoke of the path that was thrust upon her as President but one she gracefully accepted and fulfilled. She thanked each one of her team members and shared with each one a special token of her appreciation. She has now moved on to be the Program Quality Director of District 121 and joked by saying that the only way this was approved at home was after she requested her mother to take over the kitchen responsibilities.

It was then time to install the new Officers of Port Town Advanced Toastmasters. Installation Officer Sunita Pereira, DTM, spoke of her Father being her inspiration and one who led by example. She then took over her duties and there they were! The newly appointed Officers of the Club are led by President Malini Hebbar, DTM. The Officers then introduced their newly appointed President and invited her to deliver her Incoming Address. With filmy dramatisation and food-filled puns, she delivered her address and introduced her team of extraordinary women. ‘Cheese, not cheers, to all’, she said.

The ceremony included the Induction of new members into PTAT. The induction was conducted by Division Director Sapna Shenoy, DTM. She spoke of the level at which PTAT operates and beseeched the Club to help other Clubs to soar to similar heights. She then went on to induct the new members of PTAT, Shameem Kunil, Shrutha Jeetu Jain, Khushboo Bansal, Darvin Pinto, Bhawna Jalan and Usha Bhakta.

Members of PTAT Vidya Shenoy, DTM and Preetham Kamath, DTM carried it forward as they invited the District Director Arjun Sundar Raj, DTM to address the gathering. His kind words spoke of the friendship and family he has gained through Toastmasters International. He felicitated the Club and awarded Core Value pins to Malini Hebbar, DTM who served as the Chief Judge of D121 for the previous year and to Maria D’costa, DTM who has been a loyal mentor to so many in the organization.

The programme went on to have felicitations shared by various other Clubs, Organisations and loved ones close to PTAT. Winners Toastmasters, Inner Wheel, Swastika National School, and ProAct Toastmasters were among the few. The most special was undoubtedly CA Akanksha Hebbar who wished her Amma for a great year ahead and shared that she is titled a Daily Toastmaster at home owing to her dedication to her roles and responsibilities.

The Chief Guest addressed the audience by sharing humour in his words describing his days as a rebel in school and college. He went on to share his honour when he was invited to his alma mater as a Chief Guest and spoke of the respect he has for teachers and its field now that he is a teacher himself. Being an important part of Yenepoya Institutions, he fully supports ‘Yenunciate Toastmasters’. He had begun by saying that he was intimidated by the speeches that were delivered before him, fearing that he would have his ‘ahs’ and ‘us’ counted. But aptly concluded by stating that Toastmasters is a platform that accepts imperfections and shares evaluations to improve on them.

The author TM Ms Trisha Lara D’souza (R), the former Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) of PTAT seen with TM Ms Malini Mukund, the Incoming VPPR

The crowd was also addressed by the Club Growth Director Gokul Menon, DTM who fondly spoke of PTAT and its members. The night ended with a big thank you by the newly installed Officers who danced their way into the crowd with chocolates and heart handshakes. Our hungry stomachs were satisfied by the delicious food, chatpata pani puri, Thai Green Curry, Mexican Veg Quesadillas, Chicken Koliwada, Paneer in Thai Basil, Thai Fried Rice, Fruit Trifle Pudding, Moong Dal Halwa, and other sugar-filled desserts.

Article by: TM Ms TRISHA LARA D’SOUZA-former Vice President Public Relations of PTAT
Photos by: ALFIE D’SOUZA – Team Mangalorean

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