With Theme ‘To Hear For Life, Listen With Care’-Father Muller College marks World Hearing Day

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With Theme ‘To Hear For Life, Listen With Care’-Father Muller College- Department of Speech & Hearing, Kankanady, Mangaluru marks “World Hearing Day” on Thursday, 3 March 2022

Mangaluru: World Hearing Day is observed every year on March 3 to raise awareness on ways of preventing deafness and hearing loss and promoting ear and hearing care across the world. It is an annual global advocacy event raising awareness regarding hearing loss and promoting ear and hearing care. WHO hosts an annual World Hearing Day event at its headquarters in Geneva. The World Hearing Day 2022 with the theme “To hear for life, listen with care” will focus on the importance and means of hearing loss prevention through safe listening. On World Hearing Day 2022, WHO will be focusing on the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining good hearing across the life course.

Through this year’s campaign, the focus is on the importance of safe listening as a means of maintaining good hearing throughout a person’s life, emphasizing the important message that hearing care combined with safer exposure to loud sounds can mitigate the risk of developing hearing loss. On this very occasion of World Hearing Day, Father Muller College, Dept of speech and hearing, Kankanady, Mangalore had organized a free speech and hearing Camp at Father Muller college for the general public, as well as for Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) workers in KSRTC Bejai Depot on 3 rd of March 2022.

While we may not consciously pay attention to it and at times neglect it, our hearing health is quite significant for our overall well being. A good hearing ability helps you to connect with people – listen, engage, observe while hearing loss may have an adverse impact on your quality of life, to the extent that it may affect one’s mental health. When you lose connection with people, loneliness envelops you making you anxious and prone to depression. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), It is possible to have good hearing across the life course through ear and hearing care. Many common causes of hearing loss can be prevented, including hearing loss caused by exposure to loud sounds ‘Safe listening’ can mitigate the risk of hearing loss associated with recreational sound exposure.

The inaugural function was conducted simultaneously at the Father Muller Hospital campus and at the KSRTC Bejai. Respected chief guest, the District Health and Family welfare officer, Dr Kishore Kumar M, addressed the gathering and explained the role of audiologists and the importance of hearing evaluation, along with thanking the Father Muller medical hospital and Dept of speech and hearing for conducting the free camp for the workers. He also requested to conduct such camps for all the KSRTC workers throughout Dakshina Kannada.

Honorary guest, Divisional Control Officer, KSRTC, Mangalore S. N. Arun, spoke to the audience about how hearing evaluation should be a part of routine health checkups for all the workers. At the college campus, Chief guest Dr Antony Sylvan D’Souza, the dean of Father Muller Medical College and Rev. Father Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of Father Muller Charitable Institutions addressed the public and informed them to make complete use of the free speech and hearing camp at the department. Dr Antony Sylvan D’Souza and Fr Richard Coelho spoke on the occasion, urging their medical students not to listen to loud music using earphones connected to their mobile phones and restrict themselves from hearing loud Dj music. (More on their speeches check the video below)

In these events, from Father Muller College of Speech & Hearing, Prof. Akhilesh P M., Principal, Dr Mahesh BVM, Vice Principal, Ms Cynthia Santhumayor, Associate Professor, Mr Deepak Raj, Assistant professor; teaching faculties and student volunteers from the dept of speech and hearing had participated. Prof. Akhilesh P M. and Dr Mahesh BVM gave the welcome speech, and invited all the dignitaries. Deepak Raj and Ms Akshaya, Assistant professor, concluded the event by delivering the vote of thanks.

The events were moderated by Ms Jovita Tauro (faculty), and Ms Betsy S Mathew, Assistant Professor, both in the Dept of Speech and Hearing. On this very occasion, Ms Cynthia Santhumayor gave a talk on the “Effects of hearing loss on communication” to the parents of children attending Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan at Government school.

Here are a few tips in order to prevent hearing loss as per Dr Mahesh BVM, Vice Principal.

Take frequent breaks from loud noise. You need to take a frequent break from loud noise or even from using headphones. Every person needs to take a break after every hour. Constant exposure to loud noise can impact your hearing. If your profession demands the usage of headphones for long hours then it is recommended to use headbands. You are also advised to sanitize headphones before use. In case you are required to be constantly on phone calls, try to switch on the speaker wherever possible.

  • If your job or surroundings makes it difficult for you to avoid loud noises, frequent breaks can help provide some relief to your ear.
  • Do not be around loudspeakers as loud sound is harsh on your ears and can damage eardrums.
  • Opt for foam earplugs. They need to be sanitized every day to prevent bacterial infection or earmuffs that may help dampen the noise and are economical and easy to use. If you are required to yell to hear over the television, radio, or streaming device, then turn down the volume.
  • Do not use earbuds or bobby pins to clean the ears as it can harm the ear.
  • Exercising on a daily basis can do the trick. Regular exercising keeps the blood flowing to the entire body, including the ears. Good circulation can help maintain good oxygen levels and the internal parts of the ears healthy.
  • You need to give enough time to the ears to recover after being exposed to loud sounds.
  • If someone is bursting loud crackers outside then consider wearing earplugs.
  • Do not leave any ear infections unattended. Neglecting ear problems can result in hearing loss. Be attentive when it comes to your health.
  • Maintain the volume within the limit.

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