With Theme ‘Trapped Education’ 16-year-old Girl Enters ‘India Book of Records’ for Visual Memory Art

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With Theme ‘Trapped Education’ 16-year-old Girl Aadi Swaroopa, a student of ‘Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra, Mangaluru-a informal school to train high-school students in Art and Craft, Enters ‘India Book of Records’ for Visual Memory Art creation for SSLC Examination, commencing on Monday, 19 July

Mangaluru: In the year 2019, 16-year-old Aadi Swaroopa got her name written with the likes of genius Albert Einstein, not because of some research or study, but for her ability to write with both hands at the same time. She could write 45 Words a minute using Both Her Hands simultaneously. With past two records, including one Guinness record and recently the ‘India Book of Records’ to her credit already, ambidextrous Aadi Swaroopa wants to set more records in diverse fields. Swaroopa can write in English and Kannada, with both hands at the same time. She also knows the art of mimicry and singing, and her mother said that with practice, Swaroopa became proficient in her skills and can now write 45 words in a minute with both hands.

World Record Holder Aadi Swaroopa Who Writes With Both Hands at a Time, Aims for Guinness Record

Aadi was awarded the Exclusive World Record on 14 August 2019 by the Bareilly-based Lata Foundation in Uttar Pradesh for making a record of 40-45 words per minute in English with both hands at a time. Though Swaroopa did not go to a formal school for studying in regular classes, she is preparing to appear as an external candidate for the SSLC board exam on 19 July 2021. The state education department conducts the test for Class X students every year. As a multi-faceted teenager, Swaroopa is ambitious to set at least 10 world records by harnessing her born talent in creative and fine arts, spanning artistic skills with hands, vocal cords, fingers and gestures.

Aadi Swaroopa with Her Dad- Gopadkar and Mom- Sumangala Sumadkar

“I also want to set a world record in Beat box, a form of vocal percussion played to mimic drum machines by using one’s mouth, lips, tongue and voice,” Swaroopa said. As an informal student of her parents, Swaroopa regularly participates in the Shikshana Adhyayana Kendra activities in this coastal city. “As a prodigal child, Swaroopa began writing with both hands when she was 2-3 years of age. She can write in 10 different ways using both her hands,” said Sumangala Sumadkar, the mother of Aadi. Swaroopa has learned to write in unidirectional, opposite direction, right-hand speed, left-hand speed, reverse running, mirror image, dancing and blindfolded, hetero-topic and others.

Through Aadi’s painting themed ‘TRAPPED EDUCATION’ she has created Visual Memory Art for Class X, by creating 93,000 miniature pictures, which contain the entire syllabus. It was created in eight visual art pictures covering six subjects of SSLC. Her achievement has set a record as “Incredible Visual Memory Artist” in ‘India Book of Records 2022’. This year, Aadi Swaroopa , who never received a formal education, is not only going to appear for the SSLC Examination which starts on Monday, 19 July, but has also entered the ‘India Book of Records ‘ for Visual Memory Art creation for SSLC examination.

Aadi has drawn Visual Memory Art For 10th Grade TextBooks of State Syllabus, One text in only one page. She has also recorded in Memory by creating 93,000 miniature pictures for 10 books of 6 subjects on a card board of 31×21″ size Title of the Painting is ‘Trapped Education’. It has become easy to create Visual Memory Art for Aadl as it has been studied for over 10 years in Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra which has developed 10 memory techniques. Aadi is ready to arrange an exhibition of Visual Memory Art notes by School Children. She is preparing to make the students visualize the 10th grade portion of 6 subjects by applying Swaroopa’s 10 memory technique and complete it in 20 hours.

“Each Visual Memory Art created in A4 size sheets speaks about the Indian Education system. One or two subject lessons are explained in each art piece, with miniature pictures. For example the first art piece throws light on how students are pressured by parents, teachers and society to score perfect ‘100’marks, and the rest deal with related education topics. It has taken me 2-3 days to create each art work” said Aadi.

Swaroopa’s Development Education is going to be an Alternative for the present certificate-only Education by arousing Interest in Self-study and enhancement of talent as well as capabilities in children. This year she prepared with a challenge to get writing with both hands. But she ranked in SSLC by writing missed that opportunity as the question paper comprises multiple choice questions only. Students need not struggle to write the SSLC exam. Instead Aadi stays as witness for amazing memory talent by setting 10 Records along with 10 students.

Here are 10 subjects of Aadi’s practice for Record : Notes in a single painting for 10 books of 6 subjects ; Composition of Music for all the question and answer of 6 text books; Show of complete portion of 10 standard in 20 hours; While singing she writes with both hands simultaneously Kannada with left hand and English with Right hand-In this way she writes in 17 different styles; Shodasha Avadhana-16 people give work Simultaneously she answers everyone’s question; Says 6000 dates continuously; Says 10 thousand one word answers continuously; Demonstration of 10th grade lessons through hand sign language; Looks at 1000 things for 10 seconds and associate them randomly to 1000 numbers and says in order; and Creates line art for each Sentence of the whole text book and presents it.

Aadi has versatile talent in many areas. She is learning Hindustani music from pt. Ravikiran manipal, Yakshagana from Vidhushi Sumangala Rathnakar, Guitar, Keyboard, mimicry-Beatbox, Painting, literature are other areas of her interest. She has released a Fantasy Story Book “Aadiya Kathe Anthya Neeve Heli ”. When she was ten years old, she had also conducted a one-man show art exhibition of her painting illustration of the stories. The only daughter of Gopadkar, the director of Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra (SAK), and Ms Sumangala Sumadkar- the principal of SAK, Aadi has traveled across the country to perform in Education Awareness Jatha conducted by the Institution at 1600 centres.

“As per studies, children should be encouraged to use both sides of the brain to learn many things till the age of five when their grasping power is fresh and sharp,” added Sumangala Sumadkar. Recalling Swaroopa’s childhood, Gopadkar said their only child learnt to read when she was just 18 months old and was able to write at least 30 pages when she was 30 months old. With diverse interests, Swaroopa is also learning Hindustani music under Pandit Ravi Kiran. She also presented about 50 Yakshagana shows to display her talent in traditional theatre form, which is popular in Karnataka and Kerala.

Aadi is ready to arrange an exhibition of Visual Memory Art notes by School Children. She is preparing to make the students visualize the 10th grade portion of six subjects by applying Swaroopa’s ten memory techniques and complete it in 20 hours. Swaroopa’s Development Education is going to be an Alternative for the present Certificate-Only Education by arousing interest in Self-Study and enhancement of talent as well as capabilities in Children.

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