With Theme ‘Use Heart for Every Heart’ Walkathon/Cyclothon held to Mark ‘World Heart Day ‘

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With Theme ‘Use Heart for Every Heart’ Walkathon/Cyclothon held to Mark ‘World Heart Day’

Mangaluru: To mark ‘WORLD HEART DAY’ with the theme ‘Use Heart for Every Heart’ the District Administration in association with Zilla Panchayath, District Health and Family Department, among others, joined by cyclists of Mangalore Bicycle Club and WeR Cycling held a Walkathon and Cyclothon on Thursday 29 September 2022. Nurses of Wenlock Hospital and Lady Goschen, among fitness enthusiasts, doctors, entrepreneurs, students and health professionals across the steel city took part in the event.

The Walkathon and Cyclothon commenced from Lalbagh, opposite to MCC building and proceeded through M G Road, Kodialbail, K S Rao road, Hampankatta and culminated at Town Hall, Mangaluru. The walkathon and cyclothon sent a message that walking and Cycling are good for the heart and health.

Dr Kishore Kumar -the District Health Officer speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “Hectic lifestyles, work-life imbalance leading to stress, and unhealthy dietary habits have led to increasing incidences of heart diseases, especially in the younger generation. It is high time to think about making the right choices for a healthy heart. Therefore, we encourage citizens of Mangaluru and in DK to take up walking and regular physical activities as a habitual practice. Treating complex cardiovascular diseases is a challenge that requires a hospital with a highly qualified team of experts with advanced technology and critical care services. Walking, Cycling and playing can improve blood circulation and cardiorespiratory fitness”.

“This year’s theme is ‘Use Heart for Every Heart’. As per World Heart Federation, it means: Using the Heart means thinking differently. To make the right decisions. To act with courage. To help others. To engage with this important cause. The heart is the only organ you can hear and feel. It is the first and last sign of life. It is one of the few things with the potential to unite all of us as people” added Dr Kishore Kumar.

Dr Padmanabha Kamath- Cardiologist, KMC said, “Cardiovascular diseases were identified as the main cause of death in the country, where it caused twice the amount of death compared to cancer. Cardiovascular diseases accounted for 34 per cent of the total deaths, while cancer came in second with 17 per cent. The statistics also showed that 11 per cent of deaths were caused by diabetes, whereas chronic respiratory diseases accounted for seven per cent of deaths. Events like these are aimed at raising public awareness of the risk factors that contribute to strokes and cardiovascular diseases”.

Dr Rajesh B V-the RCHO said, “We can maintain a healthy heart in spite of our sedentary lifestyles. Heart attacks are silent killers that strike unexpectedly and without warning. World Heart Day 2022 has special significance due to the rising cases of cardiac ailments and conditions among the youth. This is due to a variety of factors, including lifestyle disorders, stress, lack of or increase in physical activity, smoking and drinking, and improper gym training involving harmful nutritional supplements. My message is ‘Keep your Heart Healthy and Live Easy’.

Advising on the lifestyle changes, Dr Jagadish -DSO said that in today’s time heart disease has become a common health issue but the biggest concern over this is that young people are getting affected. It is said healthy living means a healthy heart and if one brings good positive changes in lifestyle, they can see major results in health. People with problems like sugar and blood pressure should be more careful. If you will bring yoga into your daily routine along with a well-balanced diet you will notice major changes in your health. Try to bring balance to your routine life and live a stress-free life. One should try to get a routine based checkup and also never ignore any of the symptoms”.

Dr Sujay -THO and Smt Jyothi-DHEO also joined in the walkathon. The event was inaugurated by Dr Padmanabha Kamath-Cardiologist at KMC, Mangaluru. Participation certificates were handed over to the cyclists and walkers of the event.

In conclusion, While we should be careful about our health including cardiac health at all times, this World Heart Day should serve as a great reminder of the ever-increasing risks from cardio-vascular conditions to all of us. The fact that younger people are increasingly experiencing heart attacks and events of cardiac arrest must make us pause and ponder. Of course, today’s unhealthy lifestyle habits have been a major source of the problem. Not eating right and on time, excessive exercising without making a realistic self-assessment of
one’s physiological limits, increasing uptake of alcohol and tobacco, and being under perpetual mental and psychological stress due to work or general competitiveness to forge ahead in life and career have all combined to catalyse a rise in cardiovascular cases today.

The heart is a very important organ, and heart health should be prioritised and managed with utmost care. A sedentary lifestyle is an indicator of jeopardizing one’s heart health coupled with stress and various other factors leading to an increased risk of heart disease. This World Heart Day, let’s pledge to spread the theme, ‘ Heart for every heart’ highlighting to take heart health to every heart.”

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