Withdrawal of DJ Halli-KG Halli violence case considered, says K’taka Min; BJP dubs it ‘betrayal’

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Withdrawal of DJ Halli-KG Halli violence case considered, says K’taka Min; BJP dubs it ‘betrayal’

Bengaluru: The ruling Congress and BJP have come to confrontational mode yet again over the withdrawal of cases against the accused in the sensational DJ Halli-KG Halli violence case in the city.

Karnataka Home Minister Dr G. Parameshwara on Wednesday stated that if legally permissible, the cases would be withdrawn against the accused persons.

Reacting to this, former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has stated that the withdrawal cases would be a betrayal to the people of the state. He also stated that the matter would be taken to the people and legal battle would be waged against the move.

Speaking to reporters, Minister Parameshwara said that many legislators are giving him letters to withdraw the cases against organisations. The cases can’t be withdrawn immediately as they demand. There is a procedure for it.

The matter has to be discussed in the cabinet sub-committee. The panel would take a decision after considering the pros and cons. Later, it will come to the state cabinet. After considering the report of the committee, if there is truth and if it is legally permissible, the cases will be withdrawn, the minister stated.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, reacting to the issue, stated that the issue would be discussed at the government levels.

Meanwhile, Basavaraj Bommai addressing a press conference charged the Congress government that the act of protecting the accused of DJ Halli and KG Halli who rebelled against the government is a betrayal to the people of the state. Moreover, protecting those who burnt the house of a Dalit Congress party MLA reflects the anti-Dalit policy of the government.

Congress MLA Tanveer Sait had written a letter to the Home Minister Parameshwara requesting withdrawal of cases against the accused. The DJ Halli and KG Halli violence incident is a matter of utmost seriousness. In this case the police station, police vehicles and MLA’s house were burnt, Bommai said.

This was a case of rebellion against the government. The decision has been taken to protect the accused even as they waged a war against the state. The criminal elements and forces would get a feeling of courage that they can do away with anything. The move is clear that the Congress government wants to protect those who rebelled against the state, Basavaraj Bommai maintained.

Bommai stated, NIA has taken up the probe of the DJ Halli and KG Halli incident. There is clear evidence to show the involvement of the PFI and SDPI parties. The investigation has been done and a charge sheet has been submitted. How can they take back the cases investigated by the NIA?

“When we were in power, there was pressure to withdraw the cases. But, the accused were caught with sufficient evidence and arrested. I give a warning to this ruling Congress government, by withdrawing the cases of the accused who burnt the police station by rebelling against the state is a betrayal to the people. The state government should not yield to pressure,” he urged.

The situation could be reined in as strict action was taken. There is information that the CM Siddaramaiah is under pressure by few organizations to take back the cases. The CM should take a clear stand on whether to punish these anti-nationals or take back cases. These forces have helped Congress to come to power to a great extent and the ruling Congress government is under their mercy, Basavaraj Bommai charged.

He further attacked that the Congress government is showing anti-Dalit stand as the accused had then burnt a sitting Dalit MLA’s house. The attempts were made to protect the former mayor and corporator then. Now, the charge sheet is ready against them. The government is trying to protect them in this backdrop. “We will not sit quiet and leave the matter here. The matter will be taken to the people and legal battle would be waged, Bommai warned.

DJ Halli and KG Halli violence incident had taken place in Aug, 2020 in Bengaluru. The violence erupted following the objectionable post on Prophet Mohammad. The violent mob had torched the police station and burnt down then sitting MLA Akhanda Srinivasmurthy’s residence. The police had opened fire killing three persons to rein in the situation.

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