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Women have found a voice with #metoo movement, says Robin Barnes

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Women have found a voice with #metoo movement, says Robin Barnes

Jaipur: Robin Barnes, a renowned jazz singer from New Orleans, is in Jaipur to attend the 3-day MTV India Summit.

During her maiden visit to India, Barnes, also known as the songbird of New Orleans, spoke with IANS on Friday on a lot many issues ranging from #metoo to #music.

Speaking to IANS, she said, “Being a woman singer, she appreciates the #metoo movement which according to her has helped women find a voice.

She added that she has grown along with her six brothers and is one among seven siblings.

“With six brothers, I have grown up feeling special. I was grown up with a mindset that I don’t have to compromise. But not everyone is blessed like me,” she said.

#Metoo, according to her, is a movement inspiring people. I think that this movement has started making people feel equal; just like music which also makes people feel equal, she said.

Barnes said that she wants the next generation of women to feel worthy.

She professed excitement to be in her dream country India which according to her, is rich and vibrant.

“I love India as I have heard a lot about it; about its food, colours, films, music and what not. I love the celebrations and the rich culture of this country. The people of the country are embracing life by celebrating its heritage. The hospitality here is something absolutely wow,” she added.

Barnes is a great fan of Indian classical music and feels it has an in-depth rhythm.

According to her, music has the power to bind two nations with a bond of love.

“We feel connected hearing the sounds of music,” she said.

“The diversity is something, which creates interest among the people of the two nations. Hearing the sounds of music, we are in a way connected.”

She also opined that Jazz, like Indian classical, has been evolving at each and every stage.

“Although the trend of fusion is in, but the identity of Jazz or Indian classical can never fade away,” she said.

Besides being traditional, Jazz shall continue to grow. The beauty of Jazz is that it continues to evolve with time despite being traditional.

Her message to music lovers is that they should experience music, not just hear it.

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