‘Yaan Mokedaye!’! MLA Kamath tells Pourakarmikas that He is CM’s ‘ LOVED ONE’?

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‘Yaan Mokedaye!’! (Loved One) Does MLA Vedavyas Kamath tell Pourakarmikas during their protest that He is Chief Minister Bommai’s ‘ LOVED ONE’?

Mangaluru: It should be noted that during a convention that was held at Karavali Utsav ground in Mangaluru to announce/distribute benefits to the farmers and others, and while CM Bommai was addressing the crowd, he stopped his speech and yelled at MLA Vedavyas Kamath to stop talking while he was speaking. ” Hey, Vedavyas, could you stop chit-chatting until I finish my speech? Wait for five minutes till I am done talking, and then you can talk”.

And this was recorded and the video had gone viral on social media, and bloggers had made fun of referring to the video. In response, MLA Vedavyas Kamath while trying to convince Pourakarmikas on withdrawing their protest on Friday, admitted that the video clippings of Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai asking him to maintain silence during the public rally held at Karavali Utsav grounds on Thursday had gone viral on social media.
He said, “There was no end to the happiness of my enemies who had widely circulated the video clippings on social media. I tell you that CM likes me a lot. Yaan Mokedaye (Loved One) -I am the only MLA to receive Rs 110 Crore from CM for strengthening Raja Kaluve. (Rajakaluve is nothing but water resources and flow of water into the lake, canal, pond or any accumulated water ground).”

MLA Kamath also told the Pourakarmikas that he supported their demands, including an increase in wages and being appointed as the permanent employees of Mangaluru City Corporation. He also directed MCC Commissioner Channabasappa K to convene a meeting on Saturday to discuss the matter of increasing the wages of pourakarmikas. The MLA also promised to take a delegation of pourakarmikas to Bengaluru to meet the CM at his house. He also said to the pourakarmikas, ” On your behalf, I will even fall at the feet of the CM to implement your demands. But I request you to stop your protest since thousands of people are facing many hardships. Are you happy by disrupting the normal life of people? Your act is similar to a hospital ICU staff going on a strike”.

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