You Raise Me Up’! Daughter Remembers Birthday of Her Dad in Heaven

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‘You Raise Me Up’! Daughter (Sharlaine Sequeira) Remembers Birthday of Her Dad (Late Vivian Sequeira) in Heaven, on his 62nd Birthday which was on 4 June.

Mangaluru: She was daddy’s favourite Child/Girl. Even though her dad left this world on 18 May 2021 but the memories of him shine clear and bright and true for this daughter. And that is what you call love between a Father & Daughter. You don’t need to be together to feel it, to know it’s true. Love doesn’t end when loved ones are apart. It stays with one and follows the other over space and time and even over death, never letting go. A loving and caring great dad will still be with his children even when he’s no longer here on earth. Even though her dad is no longer here on earth, this daughter still feels his love and pride for her, and looks back at their memories together and smiles, through a tribute video she has compiled together, which was shared among relatives and friends worldwide.

Sharlaine Sequeira has also written a few words of wisdom about her loving dad Late Vivian Sequeira, thinking about him and his time spent with her, making her laugh, his laugh the same old chuckle, and the thought of him has lit her up like the little girl who lay awake at night waiting for him to come home from work. That memory is one Sharlaine would rather forget. But we don’t choose our memories. They choose us. Her dad’s final moment is a hard one to picture. But it’s only one of the many pieces of a beautiful puzzle that she cherishes. Even though her dad is no longer with her, Sharlaine carries his guidance and love with every day. Her dad has made her laugh. He loved her mother. He loved his children. He loved Sharlaine- and she misses him very much.

Quoting Morrie Schwartz “A father’s love is forever imprinted on his child’s heart.The pain passes, but the beauty remains. Death ends a life, not a relationship. There is no expiration date on the love between a father and his child.”, Sharlaine’s tribute video to her dad with accompanying background song “You Raised Me Up’ by Josh Groban (which is one of my favourite songs too, and I have seen Josh Groban perform live twice at Gospel concerts in Chicago, USA), is indeed a perfect song picked by her. Even though her dad is not here in body, he is still with Sharlaine in spirit, and she will always remember the love and dedication her dad had for her, and cherish the time they both had. There’s no greater experience than to be with the Lord, yet still, Sharlaine felt compelled to send her love through her beautiful tributes. And even though her human heart aches to be close to her dad, and so on his birthday, she celebrated her dad’s life.

Sharlaine Sequeira with her loving Dad-Vivian Sequeira

In her tribute, she has tried to focus on the priceless time they both had together, and the incredible memories they made. While remembering and wishing a very happy birthday in heaven to the world’s greatest dad, Sharlaine has tried to see the world as Vivian taught her, seeing God in herself and in those around her. This simple thing has given her so much joy, and is her dad’s lasting gift to her. On his birthday, she wishes she could give him a gift, but it makes her happy to know that her dad is now beyond the need or want for anything this earth can offer. For Sharlaine her dad was the best earthly father anyone could wish for, and she hopes that her dad is having a celebration worthy of a king because he lived his life with majestic greatness, and was rich in the ways that truly mattered- her extraordinary dad!

Even though I knew Vivian in the 80’s and 90’s before I left to US, but recently after I came back, my association with Vivian started once again since he was keeping in touch with me regarding the activities organized by the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception as he was at the helm as President. Married to Rovena Sequeira, who is presently a Counsellor at Carmel School, Mangaluru, Vivian was a proud father of Savaanha Sequeira- a Homeopathy Doctor at present doing a course in Hospital Management in Canada, and Sharlaine Sequeira- an Freelance writer and worked in Dubai, and now back in Mangaluru.

In her tribute article to her dad named ‘The Valiant Soul – Vivian Sequeira’ , Sharlaine Sequeira has expressed her thoughts and sentiments regarding her association with her dad till he passed away. She writes, “Don’t worry Dad, I will see you soon, I love you, stay strong.” These words are very haunting to me as this was the last conversation I ever had with my father on a video call when I was in Dubai. Most of us take life for granted. We think we are destined to live a long and happy life, but the sad reality is that we all have our own timeline. COVID-19 destroyed a healthy man in a span of less than three weeks and now nothing will ever be the same…………

Let me tell you more about this great man that I am very proud to call – “DAD.” Vivian Sequeira, a jovial, kind hearted, intelligent, charming man was born on 4 June 1959 to Joseph and Marceline Sequeira and was the youngest and pampered among twelve children. He met my beautiful mother Rovena Sequeira and got married in 1989. He was a hardworking entrepreneur of not one but five successful businesses in Mangaluru and Goa (at different times) –’Premier Distributors’ (Mangaluru and Goa),’Josehil Builders’ and ‘Rovian Travels’ (Mangaluru and Bengaluru). His name was well known among many as he touched the lives of so many people. He never had to think twice before helping someone in need. He always taught my sister and me to keep God above everyone and everything else and that was seen in his tireless efforts of catching the train so faithfully every Tuesday at 5pm to preach at Divine Retreat Center, Potta for seven years.

He never settled for second place so every month he was ‘BEST PERFORMER’ at his workplace at Kotak Insurance. He was the President of the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception and was an active member of numerous church and ward activities. On the occasion of his 62nd birthday, (4 June 2021) we compiled a photo montage of my beloved dad’s life with us. It still stirs in us mixed feelings from happiness to deep, wounded sadness making us wish we had more time. He will always be my hero and I promise one thing that his legacy will never be forgotten.

Ending this column with thought-provoking message-

“Happy Birthday in heaven, Dad. Certainly, good things come to those who wait. And you have waited…now God takes you in His arms and celebrates your birthday with you. I wait for the day that I can be in your arms again, and I wait for the day that I can say happy birthday to you again, face to face. I am forever grateful for the years we’ve been given together. I am thinking of you today and celebrating all the memories that I cherish in my heart. How sweet it must be to celebrate your birthday in the heavenly realm. I am thinking of everything about you, and I wish I was there! Oh, Daddy wherever you are, I hope you are feeling my love for you on your birthday, and I hope you are far closer to me than it seems”.

Every day, I try to be someone you can be proud of, using the lessons that you taught me in our time together. In my eyes, this world was never good enough for one as loving as you. We remember you, Dad. You live forever in our hearts. Thank you for being my earthly father and for preparing me so well for the journey of life on earth.Thank you for everything you’ve done for us, always making us the priority in your life. You’ve taught us our self-worth so that we are somehow able to carry on without you. But although you taught us well, life here will never be as good as it was with you. Daddy, you are the most important influence in my life, and you will forever remain in my heart and mind. Thank you oh gracious Lord – you have allowed my Dad to take care of us, and to love us during his stay on earth. Please take care of my Dad now in heaven for all of eternity, because he deserves so much love always. Happy birthday in heaven, Dad”.

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  1. A fitting tribute to a father for Father’s day!
    If only all of us could love our fathers in their lifetime, the way Sharlaine did, what a wonderful world this would be.
    I remember Uncle Vivian telling my father that my father was luckier than him, as he had only 2 Diamonds, while my father had three. He was referring to his 2 daughters and my father’s 3 girls.
    The love that fathers and daughters share is really special!

  2. Beautiful tribute by a daughter to her well deserving father… Literally choked reading it.
    Vivian was a good family man, a good friend, always ready to help, above all a great human being who made difference in many peoples life. He will be missed by many.. A devote Catholic with a strong faith.
    Too early he left. As they say “every exit is entrance to somewhere”
    Happy birthday Vivi, may god grant you eternal peace.

  3. I have no words to console you Roviana,and your two sweet daughters…Only “He can wipe away the tears”
    Too early he left us, once more we want him,to experience that touch of Love and gentle ways..only a few can get that gift of tenderness….and sweet ways of Jesus.He has gone miles away to preach about jesus…Vivian you have touched thousands of hearts by you faith and prayers.Its too hard to believe,that we will never hear him or see him again..Good Bye Vivian.

  4. Well summarized article dear Sharlaine with mixed feelings and the bond. Knowing you for long, could only realize while reading through your article more about your family connection. Wishing you success. Expressing heartfelt sympathies. May the departed soul of your late Dad/Vivian, Rest In Peace.

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