Your Guide to the Best Coworking Spaces to Work in Bangalore

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Your Guide to the Best Coworking Spaces to Work in Bangalore

The corporate trend in India has transformed for the better with the immediate introduction of the coworking culture. The emergence of coworking spaces has allowed working professionals, startups, SMEs from all around the country to operate from remote locations and fulfil their corporate responsibilities with absolute ease. Bangalore being the IT hub of the nation is at the very forefront of the coworking culture as the city shelters some of the finest coworking spaces that the country has to offer.

The combination of the fast-paced corporate lifestyle in Bangalore and coworking spaces has helped working professionals significantly. Business firms as well as independent entrepreneurs can relish a lot of benefits and can also save a considerable amount of finances while operating from these established coworking spaces. Especially the sector which has benefited from coworking establishments are startups that are setting India’s growth story. However, the co-working establishments in the city of Bangalore possess a blend of regional as well as international working trends which has allowed individuals to develop skills and enhance networking abilities, in the long run, resulting in increased demand for coworking spaces in the location. However, you can either do thorough research or you can also check out top coworking spaces in Bangalore by visiting platforms like Coworkingers. To avail more information about the pricing and other amenities of the vast range of coworking spaces be sure to visit their official website.

Let us now identify some of the best coworking spaces that can be availed at affordable pricing points within the city of Bangalore:

        1. WeWork

WeWork is one of the largest coworking space brands in India and has close to 13 accommodations registered in the city of Bangalore. The office space in Koramangala going by the name of Prestige Atlanta is the primary hub where working professionals assemble to meet their daily corporate goals.

However, it is a well-known fact that ambience and atmosphere creates a positive impact on employees and this factor is taken care of very sincerely within all WeWork coworking spaces as amenities in the form of Private Desks, Private Cabins, Conference Rooms, Free Wi-Fi, etc. are offered to the clients. All the WeWork co-working space locations are designated in lively localities such that working professionals can find various modes of transport to commute to the locations.

       2. 91 Springboard

91 Springboard is a giant in the coworking space industry as the company has established various offices all around the country in general and Bangalore in particular. The coworking space has 7 offices scattered around the city which are priced at different rates as per the location of the establishment. The Indiranagar office space of 91 Springboard is the standard-setter and attracts the most number of working professionals.

Private Cabins here can be availed at 10,500 INR, Open Dedicated Desks can be booked at 8,800 INR, and Working professionals can avail the Open Flexi or Part-Time subscriptions at 7,200 INR and 6,200 INR respectively. Additional amenities in the form of equipped desks, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, 24/7 hour availability, Customization, Games Rooms, etc. can be accessed by working professionals as well. This is very important to be considered as high-end amenities and facilities provide for happy and productive people.

      3. Workafella

The Infantry Road, Workafella office space is a premium coworking establishment located in the city of Bangalore. The modern workspace is open to freelancers, entrepreneurs, as well as business firms. Workafella is known for providing corporate agents diverse packages that can be customized as per their individual needs and requirements.

The ambience and enhanced business ambience created within the coworking space keep all the people focused and motivated to achieve their short as well as long-term corporate goals. This helps build teamwork amongst the employees which is a very important quality for better productivity. Additional facilities like Generator Back Up, Internet connection, Security services, Air COnditioning, Parking Space, 24/7 hour access, etc. can be enjoyed by working professionals at all times.

      4. Bhive Workspace

Bhive Workspace is one of the best coworking spaces present in the city of Bangalore. With an elite ambience and work culture, it is successful in making businesses more efficient. The coworking space attracts entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, as well as established business organizations. At present, there are a total of 5 business centres under the Bhive Workspace brand where amenities in the form of High-speed Internet, Meeting Rooms, Private Cabins, Power backup, a Cafeteria for working professionals, etc. can be enjoyed.

The pricing policies of booking a seat in Bhive differ from one location to another and are updated as per the present demand in the market.

      5. CoWrks

The coworking space provider CoWrks has a total of 5 distinct coworking offices in Bangalore that are located in some of the finest localities of the city. The Yelahanka and New Indiranagar office spaces attract working professionals originating from diverse industries. CoWrks is known for providing an elite ambience backed with modern architecture that helps working professionals focus on their daily responsibilities in the most effective manner.

Working professionals can avail Hot Desks, Private Cabins, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, and many other amenities at different pricing points. Moreover, the aspect of transportation becomes increasingly easier as all the CoWrks office spaces are well connected to other parts of the city as people can avail multiple modes of transportation.

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