‘You’re Not Losers, All Gonzagaites are Winners’- Chief Guest at St Aloysius Gonzaga School Sports Day

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‘You’re Not Losers, All Gonzagaites are Winners’- Chief Guest Santhosh D’souza-Director and Chairman, Department of Physical Education, Mangalore University at St Aloysius Gonzaga School Annual Sports Day 2022

Mangaluru: School sports day is a day for lots of action and smiling faces. It’s a day for victories and defeats, for successes and failures. It teaches us about teamwork and team spirit. It teaches us to work together to achieve a common goal. Moreover, Sports Day is a day for celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship. And it was the Annual Sports Day of St Aloysius Gonzaga School, Kodialbail, Mangaluru, filled with lots of enthusiasm, passion, and vigour.

The Chief Guest Dr Gerald Santhosh D’Souza, Director and Chairman, Department of Physical Education, Mangalore University, was joined by President Fr Melwin Joseph Pinto SJ, Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, School Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ and Vice Principal Ms Laurel D’ Souza. “March past is all about synchronisation and teamwork. Marching in a contingent demands alertness and unspoken co-ordination.” The drumbeat rolls, the band strikes up and a high-pitched voice issues a command. The synchronised swing of arms and the sound of thudding feet stir something within us.

Four distinctive houses namely 1. Red House: -Prefect Rakshit and Vice prefect: Disha; Blue house prefect: Ancil Pinto and Vice Prefect: Cleon; Greenhouse perfect: Vardhan and Vice Prefect: Simple; Yellow house prefect: Mohammad Atik and Vice Prefect: Marian, marched to the music by the school Brass Band. Right in front of Marching, was Master Carlton Nash Rodrigues of Class 10, the Sports prefect guides the entire parade behind him, is an excellent athlete, and an able leader. Followed by Miss Verina Sweedol Dsouza of Class 10, the Vice Sports prefect is a responsible and well-mannered person. Each house is represented by a House Prefect and a vice House Prefect Besides being spectacular, there was something inexplicably inspiring about a march past the sense of dignity and pride the students bring to it.

A dream is a dream until they are pulled out of our mind! The hoisting of the school flag is a symbol of pride and joy of the institution, which was done by the Chief guest, and other dignitaries on the dais. The Flag as it fluttered in the soothing wind seemed to tell a success story of St Aloysius Gonzaga adiSchool, and its achievements since its inception. Inspection of the Houses was done by the chief guest joined by other dignitaries. The Welcome Address and introduction of the chief guest were done by teacher Ms Deepa Karkada, following which was time to light the Olympic flame which ignited the passion of the sporting spirit. The tradition of lighting an Olympic Flame comes from the ancient Greeks. During the Ancient Olympic Games, a sacred flame was lit from the sun’s rays at Olympia and stayed lit until the Games were completed. This flame represented the “endeavour for protection and struggle for victory. The flame symbolizes “the light of spirit, knowledge, and life.”

The first torchbearer of the Olympic flame was Master Saatwik Sujir Nayak participated in the Youth games Karnataka state championship 2022 and bagged Bronze in 50 breaststrokes, Silver in 100 I.M. and Bronze in 100 freestyle. In Dakshina Kannada district interclub swim meet 2022, he bagged Gold in 100 freestyle, Silver 200 I’M, Silver 50 breaststroke, Gold 50m skins and Silver 4×50 m freestyle relay. Then the Olympic torch was passed on to Miss Niyathi who bagged Silver 50 backstroke, Bronze 100m underwater with fins, Silver 4×50 m freestyle relay, Silver 4×50m medley relay and Bronze 50 lm freestyle. Next, it was handed over to Miss Anisha Deona Lobo participated in Karnataka state Under-17 FIDE RATED chess championship 2022 held at putter and won fifth place in category Under 13. Participated in torpedoes chess tournament ALL INDIA FIDE RATED chess championship 2022 held at Kundapura and won 8th prize in the category under 13.

The chance of taking over the torch went to Master Ancil Pinto who participated in Chess Fiesta 2022 held at CFAL Mangalore in association with Derik’s chess school and secured 1st place. Participated in the 4th all India open Fide rated rapid chess tournament held by KIOCL limited Mangalore and secured 1st place in the Dakshina Kannada category. Later, the chance of taking over the torch went to Hana Rose Fernandes-who Participated in the 58th National roller skating championships 2021 and has bagged a silver medal in 1 lap road race. The flame of peace and harmony was then lit and this light glowed to remove the darkness in the lives of all to brighten up our future.

An oath signifies the heartfelt commitment of all sports participants to the spirit of fair play and the ethics of sportsmanship. The Oath serves as a perfect ringing bell within everyone’s hearts chambers, the guiding force of truth and thereby making each one answerable to the call of one’s conscience by having God as the witness. The Sports Vice Prefect Mis Verina Sweedal D’ Souza administered the Oath.

“The dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music and it has the additional merit of being human. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs.” The students performed a beautiful dance, following which the Sports Meet was declared open by releasing balloons in the air by the chief guest and other dignitaries. “Successful people maintain good habits that go hand in hand with success in every area of endeavour, which develops a reputation. The way one works determines the quality and quantity of rewards”- and it was time for the chief guest Santhosh D’souza to address the students.

He said, “In sports, participation counts the most, rather than winning. You are not losers, but all of you Gonzagaites here are Winners. Benefits of Sports for students- Sports teach teamwork and problem-solving skills; Physical health benefits sports; Sports boost self-esteem; Reduce pressure and stress with sports, among others. Whether you have won a medal or not, you are all winners. In the long run, your active and continued participation in sports and athletics would pay you rich dividends in terms of fitness, well-being, and happiness. Sports, particularly team sports engender purposeful and meaningful social relationships. Man is a social animal; we need to socially connect with others. These social interactions with your friends and workmates provide you with highly desirable security, belongingness, and ultimately happiness. Therefore, winning or losing in sports or athletics is not at all important, but the happiness originating from the participation in sports or athletics is a highly cherished trophy”.

In his Presidential Address, Fr. Melwin Pinto SJ, Rector, St Aloysius Institutions appreciated the students on their exuberant march past. He asked the students to take inspiration from the Chief Guest and serve the nation like him. He remarked that participation and practice are more important than winning. He felt that sportspersons get opportunities in the government sector and students can consider sports as a career option. Principal Fr Melwyn Anil Lobo SJ. in his inspiring speech applauded the students for their sporting talents.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by teacher Ms Acquina Veenus Rebello and the event was eloquently compared by teacher Ms Vidya Esther. The chief guest for the closing ceremony was Rev Dr Praveen Martis SJ, the Principal of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru.

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