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Childbirth on Wheels – Ambulance Fails to Turn up, GP Member Saves Situation

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Puttur: Sitalakshmi, daughter of Pakeera of Nadpa in Bajattur village, was in the advanced stage of pregnancy.

On Wednesday morning, she began getting labour pains. The family members phoned up 108 for an ambulance. It did not turn up for over half an hour. The staff said that they were at quire a distance and it would take some time.


When the family did not know what to do, Bajattur gram panchayat member Madhava Poojary came to the woman’s rescue. He volunteered to take the mother-to-be in his Omni car.

As the car neared Uppinangady, her labour pains reached their peak. Poojary stopped the vehicle by the side of the road to look for help. In the meantime, Sitalakshmi delivered a baby girl.

The mother and the newborn were taken to the community hospital in Uppinangady. It was past 9 am. Only a housekeeping employee was available there. The doctor was on leave and the nursing staff on night duty had already gone home. The day staff were to arrive only at 10 am.

Since the mother and the infant needed urgent medical attention, they were admitted to a private nursing home in Uppinangady.
Births on wheels:

by special correspondent

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