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A Job Well Done- Khader to Continue as Minister

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A Job Well Done – Khader to Continue as Minister

Bengaluru: The man has earned so much of admiration from the people of his district for his humanitarian acts and also at the state level for the way he has handled his portfolio of health and family welfare.

Besides, several times over, he has gone out of his way to rush to the rescue of road mishap victims whenever he came across them.


The tact with which he handled the doctors’ strike which had threatened to bring down the healthcare apparatus with likely disastrous effects a few months ago added a feather in his cap.

He has been helping anyone approaching him with pleas of distress or despair, even if the matter is not under the purview of his department.

Quite expectedly, rumours that made rounds during the past few days that health and family welfare minister U T Khader could be dropped from the state cabinet had indeed saddened a large number of people.

On the face of it, there was no reason for him to lose his post when there was no blemish of graft or arrogance in his record.

An attempt was recently made to involve his name in an alleged drug purchase scam, in which he cleared his name without delay.

When rumours about his ministerial post being at stake went into circulation in the social media, there was a strong response of displeasure and disbelief.

After almost a week of uncertainty over who would be out and who in, chief minister Siddaramaiah is back from Delhi with the official list on Saturday. The names would be made public on Sunday and the new cabinet would be sworn in here on Sunday at 4 pm.

Cutting across party affiliations, many politicians are happy that Khader will remain in the cabinet. Informed sources said that his name had indeed featured in the ‘chopping list’ carried by the CM to Delhi.

But the party supremo, Sonia Gandhi, herself is said to have questioned as to why Khader, who was doing a fine job in his assignments, should be dropped.

She reportedly asked the CM to continue him in the cabinet. Indeed it is a top-level recognition for an unassuming man.

At a time when old veterans and stalwarts were hovering around power-centres for the sake of clinging to power and the younger crop desperately trying to grab a berth in the cabinet, it is to the credit of people’s representatives like Khader, Mangaluru south MLA J R Lobo and Puttur MLA Shakuntala Shetty, that they stayed away from lobbying and concentrated on the work in their respective constituencies.

Comparison and contrast

That stands in glaring contrast to the happenings in Mandya district. The eternal rebel’s supporters from Srirangapatna and around blocked the national highway between Mysuru and Bengaluru on Saturday.

The protest was portrayed as a ‘spontaneous’ response from the people to his being dropped from the cabinet. Whatever the protesters achieved was a only volley of choicest curses and abuses from the thousands of commuters who were put to hardships.

The ‘victim’ of the cabinet restructuring process did nothing to stop or dissuade his ‘fans’ from such nonsensical behaviour. When the same man was denied a party ticket some years ago, his supporters had burnt and damaged buses and such other public property as a mark of protest.

To put it mildly, a large number of people will agree that acquiescence or concurrence in the matter of such despicable behaviour from his supporters alone should be ground enough to be dropped from the cabinet.

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