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Mangaluru: DCP Law and Order Santosh Babu SP of Chikkamagaluru

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Mangaluru: DCP law and order Santosh Babu has been transferred to Chikkamagaluru here on April 25.

Santosh Babu took charge as the DCP law and order in January. He has been appointed as Superintendent of police for Chikkamagaluru district.

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Santosh Babu took charge after his predecessor K Jagadish was transferred.

Santosh Babu will take charge as SP of Chikkamagaluru soon.

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  1. This is happening because of some Corrupt day long sleeping Ministers are ruling the state. They WAG their tail for Cash and dance to the tune of Corruption. I know Santhosh Babu very well as a real Police Officer. Just 3 weeks back We both discussed the same topic of transfer for Honest Officers and He knew it was coming to Him. Sand Mafia is getting out of control in Karnataka,specially in Coastal areas. These good officers who catch these Rowdies by throat wiggle out with help of District Minister and others Ministers.
    Next one will be City Commissioner on line. Some time back Zilla Panchayat CEO Ms Tulsi spoke to me about transfer to Her because She is strict and within months She was gone.
    Now some Corrupt Corporators, Engineers along with Town Planning Officers joined by few more Corrupt Uneducated -Lawless ones cannot stand the true work of Ms Hapshiba Koralpati. To give these crooks some strength our new Mayor Jessie is joining. I am ashamed that Mayor is with them too. Mangaloreans please rise and stop this corrupt behavior leading TRANSFER OF HONEST OFFICIALS BECAUSE THEY ARE THORN in their EYE or face the hardship soon.

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