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Mangaluru: Hate speeches should be curbed for Peaceful living – Mithun Rai

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Mangaluru: The District Youth Congress submitted a memorandum regarding communal clashes to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) here at the SP’s Office on January 20.

Speaking to the IGP, President of District Youth Congress Mithun Rai said, “Hate speeches should be curbed. If any organisation wants to organise events, they should finish the programme before 4 pm. Communal clashes have a negative impact on the district. Ten years ago, Mangaluru had many IT companies and it was known as an educational hub as students from different states would come here to study. But today, students from other states and industries are hesitant to come to Mangaluru because of these communal clashes. Irrespective of religion or political affiliations, all those who give speeches that incite people and create disharmony between communities must be punished. Whichever organisation it may be, religious or not, should not entertain persons who have a history of delivering hate speeches. If such persons take part as a chief guest or a speaker, the programme should be cancelled. Such persons cause disharmony in the society and are a threat to peace in the society. They should not be entertained.”


“Community programmes should be organized during the day time and evening programmes should not be permitted. Recently, Moideen Bava was linked to the drug mafia and was blamed for the death of BJP activist Keshav Shetty, who was made to be a hero. Those who were involved in giving irresponsible statements and defaming Bava should be punished.”

Responding to the memorandum, Inspector General of Police (Western Range, Mangalore) Amrit Paul said that the moral policing and other law & order issues have been controlled to a great extent. “Non bailable sections will be imposed on the people involved in such crimes. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression have certain limits. We will take action on those involved in hate speeches after investigating. Nobody will be allowed to take law and order into their hands.”

Speaking on Prabhakar Bhat and his speeches, Mithun Rai said, “The same person has been giving hate speeches and talking whatever he wants, without any regard to the sentiments of others for the past 5 years. He has been causing problems for the entire district. But still, he has been allowed to incite the masses again and again, and there has been no action against him. Action should be taken on anyone who gives such speeches. We are not against programmes of any religion, but the organizers should take responsibility to ensure that the programme does not destroy peace and harmony in the region.”

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