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Manipal: The secular framework of Indian constitution is under threat – Harsh Mander

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Manipal: The idea of secularism, fraternity and liberty is under threat as communal rift is created in the society to divide people said Harsh Mander, Director of the Centre for Equity and Special Commissioner to the Supreme Court of India in the Right to Food Case. He was delivering a talk at the School of Communication, here on February 19.


India should not look on sameness but should allow each other to live and prosper and then only we can live up to the expectations of the Indian constitution. Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead as he upheld secular principles. Arunachal Pradesh is known for its diversity and prosperity as 150 languages are spoken by the people there and there exists peace and brotherhood.

The exile of poor and legitimization of prejudice is dominating our society. The poor are often exploited with the undelivered promises given by the political class. 50,000 children sleep on the streets of Delhi, without food. The promises of eradicating poverty given by the political class are in vain. The poor are made invisible in our country. The absence of outrage towards the political class for suppressing poor has made the poor to remain poor.

Muslims are exploited by linking them to the terror activities even if they reject terrorism. We should oppose the prejudice by the unknown masses on the minorities. We lost Mahatma Gandhi and also two prime ministers and there was not a Muslim involved in the same but the obstruction to practice secularism did the same. The outfits willingly equate terror activities with the Muslim community. The recent creation of a new ideology called as Love Jihad in coastal Karnataka has led to communal outrage towards each other. The implication of Love Jihad can be witnessed in the recent Muzzafarngar riots. The cinemas, books, publication based on communal tensions in India are banned saying it would disturb people while it will educate people.

We are surrounded by the communal events which disturb our social life, it influences us to become communal. We have to safeguard our constitutional rights and uphold human integrity rather than turning hearts to battlefield by pumping communal venom, he added.

The journalists who were killed for upholding freedom of speech and expression and also who were beheaded were remembered on the eve. Homage was paid to them by lighting candles.

Dr Nandini, Director School of Communication; Assoc. Prof Raviraj Kini, Faculty Co-ordinatior Bob Swaim, American based film director and producer and others were present.

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