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Police Commissionerate Shows Solidarity through ‘Honour Convoy’ as Mark of Respect to Medical Fraternity

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Police Commissionerate Shows Solidarity through ‘Honour Convoy’ as Mark of Respect to Medical Fraternity

  • Police Commissionerate Shows Solidarity through ‘Honour Convoy’ as Mark of Respect to Medical Fraternity at District Wenlock Hospital, Mangaluru, comprising of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and Health Care Staff, for their DEDICATION, COMMITMENT and FIGHT against Coronavirus/COVID-19 Infections-which was held on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 at 11 am at the new Wenlock Hospital block premises. The Honour Convoy comprised of nearly 40 police vehicles.

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after Team Mangalorean/Mangalorean.com published an article (Ref: Mysuru-origin Dr Uma Madhusudan Gets Brilliant 100-Car Salute For Extraordinary Service Amid Covid in US) published yesterday, which highlighted the accolades and a 100-car salute given by Americans to a doctor named Uma Madhusudhan, hailing from Mysuru, and practicing in the USA, for her extraordinary service rendered by her during the COVID-19 outbreak-and right here in Mangaluru, the Police Commissioner of Mangaluru Dr P S Harsha also took an initiative in arranging an ‘Honour Convoy’, as a mark of respect to the Medical Fraternity comprising doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance drivers, lab technicians, etc of District Wenlock COVID Hospital, Mangaluru. If Connecticutans/Americans can show solidarity to an Indian Doctor serving in Connecticut-USA, why not Mangaloreans/Indians can also do it- and We Also Showed The World We Also Did It! Bravo and kudos to Police Commissioner and his police force.

COVID-19, or simply coronavirus, has spread like wildfire, leaving behind an alarming number of victims. The virus severely attacks the respiratory system and is transmitted through direct contact with infected people. With over 2.5 million cases having swept the world, with nearly 176,000 deaths, this disease is a pandemic ruining the lives of many, who are fighting against it. Despite the fear that dominates, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. On request of PM Modi, we cheered up the medical fraternity twice, through clapping and ringing of bells, and then once again lighting candles/diyas on our balconies and home front yard. That was a nice gesture shown towards the heath Care fraternity.

Along with awareness campaigns, advocating, and quarantine, an entire army of paramedics, health assistants, nurses, and doctors have risen to fight this deadly virus. Naturally, in the Middle East, the same wave of fraternity has also risen. Stress, exhaustion, underlying fear, and renewed hope… these words sum up the current situation of the medical staff mobilized in the battle against COVID-19. Considering the tremendous efforts exerted by medics, one can say that in times of pandemics, “humanity” is at the front line. These dedicated, committed and hard-working Health Care Fraternity at the Wenlock COVID-19 Hospital are dealing with potentially infected people which requires caution and empathy. Armed with smiles, they all try to alleviate patients’ multiple fears.

People are afraid of catching and carrying the contagion to others, and being locked in quarantine without having support from family. That is not all, since working with the infected patients, medics feel like a virus, themselves. These health care staff in the medical field, also have children and a family of their own. They all wait for their day to end to be safe home with their loved ones. And they all comply with the govt guidelines/instructions of COVID-19 and commit themselves to the highest levels of caution.

Moreover, the paramedic staff play a key role in this regard moving potential carriers of the virus to testing centers, and confirmed patients to treatment units. On the way to the centers and units, seconds feel like hours with the shadow of death threatening despite reassuring words from paramedics. These are the heroic “soldiers” enlisted to fight against the deadly COVID-19. Their job is a critical one and is very tiring both physically and psychologically. Carrying patients and moving them while wearing a COVID preventive suit is evident and patients become fearful when they see them. With health care facilities stretched thin, doctors and medical health professionals have been in increasing demand to treat the growing number of cases. Nurses, janitors, and doctors have also recorded a high number of casualties from exposure to the COVID-1.

And for all the service these health care fraternity at Wenlock Hospital for the Covid-19 patients putting their lives in danger to save others lives, they needed such kind of accolades and Honour Convoy, and the Police Commissioner along with his team did the right thing, thereby making a difference. By 10:45 am, all the health care fraternity assembled in the premises, maintaining social distancing and wearing face masks, and exactly at 11:00 am came a convoy of police cars honking and as a symbol of affection and respect to doctors. At the end of the convoy, came the artillery van named ‘Garuda’ carrying the Indian Flag, which showed true patriotism. A bouquet was then presented by DC Sindhu Rupesh to DHO Dr Ramachandra Bayari, who was joined by DMO Dr Sadhashiv Shanbough and RMO Dr Julian Saldanha. IMA president and one nominee per medical college graced the event and received the honours.

DHO Dr Ramachandra Bayari appreciating the gesture and love shown towards the Wenlock Hospital fraternity, thanked the Police Commissioner and his team, for the unique Honour Convoy, which was first of its kind in the State, or probably in the nation. DC Sindhu Rupesh, Superintendent of Police Laxmi Prasad, and Police Commissioner Dr P S Harsha also spoke and thanked all the health care fraternity for their service during this pandemic. Speaking to team Mangalorean, Dr Padmanabha Kamath- HoD of Cardiology Dept, KMC Mangaluru said, “To me, these doctors and paramedics are the bravest and should be called superheroes. The GOVT Wenlock hospital Virology team of nearly 10-12 members working round the clock. They perform anywhere from 90-100 samples a day and load is only going to go up. We salute these heroes fighting from the front-line in the battlefield”.

As per the doctor on the Hospital COVID Team said, “GWH started this project plan on 23.3 2020; Finished and established on 2.4.2020; Got online inspection on 5.4.2020; Started testing from 7.4.2020; Till today tested 1770 samples; We have detected 3 new positive and 1 follow up positive. Shortly we will switch to 24×7. The TEAM comprises of 4 doctors, 2 Phd scientists and 1 research assistant, 6 technologists, 5 data entry operators, and 2 group D staff”. Yet another doctor who wanted to remain anonymous said, “You are not alone,” is what we keep saying to patients and their families. They need someone to support and give them hope. I have come across so many cases throughout all the years I served in voluntary work, but the current situation requires an elevated level of humanitarian assistance. It is hard to make a patient laugh or to alleviate the virus while you feel afraid”.

No doubt all these doctors, for some, they are heroes. For others, they are adventurers. And they are all doing their duties out of their sense of humanitarian responsibilities. Team Mangalorean also appreciates the extraordinary service done by the health care fraternity at the District Wenlock hospital during this pandemic. And to you, Our Local Doctors, Nurses, and Health Care staff treating the COVID-19 patients at Wenlock, and putting your lives at risk to save others lives, THANKS-A-MILLION, You all deserved BIG ACCOLADES and also this “HONOUR CONVOY’ by the police fraternity. Great job by the Police Commissioner and his team. Bravo!


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