Mangaluru: Attempt to Commit Suicide – Elderly Man sets himself on Fire

Mangaluru: A elderly man attempted to commit suicide by setting himself on fire at Jeppu Bappal here, on July 11.

The person has been identified as Sivasubramani (68), a native of Chennai and presently residing in Jeppu Bappal.

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When the police questioned Sivaraman (son of Sivasubramani), he said, “At 9 pm, after finishing my work at a local press, I was returning home. At that time, I saw my father burning on the side of the road. The locals had immediately called the 108 Ambulance, but they reached the spot late. Instead of wasting time, I brought my father to the hospital. My wife and mother-in-law are staying inNITK Suratkal quarters. My father and I stay in Jeppu Bappal. Five years ago, my mother had expired and my father was disturbed since then.”

When the police asked Sivasubramani why he had attempted to commit suicide, he said, “I went outside to smoke a cigarette and went to the petrol bunk and bought petrol. I have decided to die and brought red chocolate in the afternoon. I am not interested in life.”

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He did not tell why he was not interested in life. According to hospital sources Sivasubramani has suffered more than 90 percent burn injuries.

Speaking to, Pandeshwar police inspector Dinaker Shetty said that it is an attempt to commit suicide, the police are investigating the cause for his extreme step.

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