One Dead, Another Injured in Wild Elephant Attack

One Dead, Another Injured in Wild Elephant Attack near Subrahmanya

Subrahmanya: Sunil and Subrahmanya from Hassan were riding a bike on the Bisile road around 7-30 am on Friday.


When they reached Mungulipade turn, located about 6 km from Kulkunda, a sole wild elephant was engaged in eating creepers. They did not notice it.

The animal suddenly got violent out of a fear complex and turned its attention towards them. When the duo panicked, the bike skidded and fell on the road.

The elephant trampled Sunil and chased Ganesh. It gorged him with its tusks, causing fatal injuries. They lay there for about half an hour without getting any help.

Persons passing by thereafter saw them lying in a pool of blood and informed the ambulance. By then Ganesh had already breathed his last.

Ganesh hailed from Kattahosahalli near Shankarahalli in Hassan district. Forest and police officials visited the spot.

A case has been registered in the Subrahmanya police station.

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