Australia: Monti Fest Celebrated by MCAS with Solemnity

Sydney: The Mangalorean Catholic Association of Sydney (MCAS) celebrated the annual Nativity of Blessed Mother Mary, Monti Fest with much solemnity on Saturday, 12 September, 2015 at the Church Auditorium of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Seven Hills. The Holy Mass was co-celebrated by Fr Prakash Coutinha.

The Holy mass was followed by celebrations at the Church Auditorium which was attended by over 200 Mangaloreans who came together from all over New South Wales to grace this occasion. The evening started with a short welcome address by Freddie Pereira, MCAS president. The new MCAS executive committee was introduced by the president. Ajith Lobo compered the event. The new harvest or novem was blessed by Fr Prakash, followed by the beautiful tradition of children showering flowers at Mother Mary’s statue which was decorated with palm leaves and flowers gathered from gardens.

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Music and entertainment followed shortly. Two short Konkani skits were performed by Richie Rebello, Joylene Moras, Jake and Fr Prakash. The skits were well presented and the crowd roared with laughter. Many games were conducted for children. All attendees were served with delicious Indian buffet which included sannas, naan, chicken curry, veg korma, beans, chole masala, peas pulao, pickles, rice kheer, snacks with added flavour of home cooked Mangalorean bafat.

All attendees were in excellent spirits. There was plenty of Baila, the festive mood was very much evident, and Joylene and Darryl kept the crowd on their feet.

We thank all MCAS executive committee members, their families, artists, volunteers and the attendees who exerted great efforts to make this event an outstanding success.

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