Bantwal: Take Care! No Clicking of Infants’ Pics on Mobiles – Ashiq’s Letter to Khader Works

Bantwal: When infants are born, they bring so much of joy to the parents and family members. In the age of technology, everyone tends to be overzealous and clicks the tiny tots’ pictures on mobile phones.

​Ashiq Kukkaje

The idea is driven by the enthusiasm to send the glimpses of the new arrival to their near and dear ones all across the globe, along with the good news.


​Ashiq’s simple letter


​The minister’s immediate reply

But it is to be noted with concern that lack of awareness about the possible health hazards of mobile phones has been taking a heavy toll.

Clicking of photographs of infants, accompanied by the built-in flash making up for poor conditions of light, is said to cause physical harm to little ones.

The worldwide web is teeming with information on how prone the newborn are when their body parts and organs, protective systems and defence mechanisms are still at a formative stage. While it is true that the just-born do not have fully-formed eyesight, the flash can still damage the eyes.

Ashiq Kukkaje, a public-spirited young man from Manchi, Ira in Bantwal taluk, was seized of the matter. He is already an administrator of WeConnect WhatsApp group, formed with an aim of social service.

Besides, he ensures that every group member donates a fixed amount every month and the money pooled up is used for charity or on needy persons.

He just did not discuss the matter with his friends, but took the initative of writing a letter of concern to none other than the state’s minister of health and family welfare, U T Khader himself.

The minister too took the matter seriously and issued immediate instructions to the top brass of the department to issue necessary directives.

Soon signs will appear in the maternity wards of all the hospitals in the state, dissuading everyone from clicking infants’ photographs on mobiles. Probably the same should apply to use of still cameras with flash.

Ashiq’s good deed has won high appreciation in social circles and the social media.


  1. Very good decision. Not only in hospital, any where up to one year baby photo clicks flash light is not advisable. Professional cameraman using covered white cloth on the flashgun specially child photography clicks.

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