Journalists Pay Tribute to Haimad Hussain

Mangaluru: A condolence meet to the departed soul of Journalist Haimad Hussain was held at the press club, Urva here, on April 9.

A minute of silence was observed to the departed soul of Haimad. Former President of DKWJU, Harish Rai said, “Haimad was a person who always respected senior journalists. Budding journalists should take him as a role model and be inspired. I pray for the soul of Haimad and wish to express my heartfelt condolences to his family members.”



Journalist, Suresh Belagaje said, “Haimad had a habit of self-medication and frequently ignored his health. This incident should be a warning for all of us as we tend to ignore our health and give priority to solving others problems.”

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Journalist Ravi Prasad Kamila said, “When we went to Charmadi Ghat on a study tour, I was with Haimad and we both were very tired, so we were taking some rest. After a while, he asked me to go ahead saying “I will follow you”, after some time, so I proceeded further. After some time, Haimad’s condition deteriorated. We tried our best to save him but unfortunately he breathed his last before we could reach the hospital. We are in a deep shock and it is hard to believe that Haimad is no more.”

Journalist Satya said, “It is a shock and very hard to believe that Haimad is no more. He was over excited to go to Charmadi Ghat and he requested most of the journalists on the phone to join the tour because this was his last trip with Mangaluru journalists as he was transferred to Gulbarga. We all tried to revive him, but unfortunately, he breathed his last. May his soul rest in peace.”

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Journalist Mohammed Arif said, “Haimad’s brother has promised to repay any personal loan taken by Haimad. Journalists need not feel guilty, as this was a situation where nobody could do anything. It is very sad, but was unavoidable.”

Information officer Khader Shah, Senior Journalist Guruvappa Balepuni, Ashwin and other Journalists also spoke on this occasion. Later all the Journalists showered flower petals on the portrait of Haimad and paid their last respect. His absence will be felt at every press meet.

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