Mangaluru: New Arrivals at Pilikula Zoo Sure to Enhance Hotspot Image and Visitors’ Delight

Mangaluru: The city is being identified as an educational hub and also medical tourism centre is steadily earning a reputation for its Pilikula zoo.


More and more birds and animals are being added to the population there. In the latest exchange programme, it has received a pair of Asiatic Lions, two pairs of White Peafowl, two pairs of Alexandrine Parakeets, a pair of Lady Amherst’s Pheasant, Spoonbill and White Ibis from Sakkarbaugh Zoo, Gujarat.

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Pilikula zoo has to spare two King Cobras, 2 Mouse Deers, turtles and other verities of snakes to Sakkarbaugh zoo, Gujarat.

The birds are already on display and they can be viewed by visitors. This weekend should be a delightful opportunity to have a look at these rare winged friends.

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