25,000 Children Subjected to Gang Rape Everyday in Karnataka – Abishek

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25,000 Children Subjected to Gang Rape Everyday in Karnataka – Abishek

Mangaluru: The Women’s Cell of the Besant Evening College organized “Does Porn Inspire and Advertise Rape,” a talk by Social Activist and CEO of Rescue Research and Training Institute, Abishek Clifford at the Besant College here, on March 8.

Principal, Carmelita Goveas welcomed the audience. In his talk, Clifford said that romance among married couples was being ruined by the poison of pornography and it has affected the studies and minds of the students and overall ruined the nation. “In order to make good business from child pornography, girls from high school, PUC and degree are being abducted and forced into this trade. No child volunteers to be a porn star. We tried to curb this and our efforts resulted in a nationwide ban of pornographic content over the internet. But we weren’t successful as the ban lasted only for four days,” he said.

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He further said, “We carried a survey of about 3500 students aged between 16-21, across 183 colleges in Karnataka and asked indirect questions about their friends and obtained staggering results. 22,00,000 rape videos are viewed everyday in Karnataka. 84% are addicted to watching porn, 83% said it leads to sexual activities, 76% viewers of rape porn said that the videos gave them the desire to rape; even if that fraction is just 10%, Karnataka is breeding 13,000 rapists every year.”

He said that watching porn gives long term problems in ones married life. The 2% divorce rate in India when compared to 60% in the US was gradually rising. “In the UK, the main reason for divorce was pornography as porn deprives couples of romance and it robs a woman of her husband’s affection. There are also other consequences of divorce on the children. Studies show that boys with divorced parents tend to become rapists, children are 5 times more likely to die, 6 times more likely to commit a crime and end up in prison, 7 times more likely to be murderers or get pregnant and 24 times more likely to run away from home,” he said.

Clifford urged the students not to indulge in sexual activities with their partners unless they had a written contract of commitment. “Sex is like glue which holds a marriage together,” he said. According to the ‘Johnson Medical Files,’ 99.3% of AIDS was spread due to promiscuity.

He said, “Human trafficking is worse than rape as brothels are filled with trafficked children aged below 15 years. Studies show that they are subjected to abuse by an average of 7 men everyday and they are beaten, burnt, tortured and gang raped. In Karnataka itself, there are about 25,000 children being subjected to gang rapes everyday. No girl should ever chat with a person over the social media if they don’t know him personally.”

“Pornography not only creates paedophiles and rapists, but also tends to reverse the sexual orientation of a person. Of course there are people fighting for gay rights, but if smoking takes away 7 years of your life, then unnatural sex takes away 14 years of your life. Only 2% of the entire population of US is made up of homosexuals, but they make up 56% of HIV positive patients,” Clifford said.

To stop child porn, Clifford suggested setting up a branch of cyber police to track and publish any person watching child porn. “Only sex education is not enough, but there is a need to include cyber ethics in the syllabus too. Further, installing parental software and applications like K9 on the smartphone can help in pornography de-addiction. We are also in a process to block all websites that show violent and child porn,” he added.

Clifford also discouraged the practice of abortion. “In India, more number of children die in the mother’s womb, than all those who died during World War 2,” he added. You can support the programme by liking the facebook page, Rescue 108 and you can also contact Abishek Clifford at abishekcliff@gmail.com.

After the talk, students interacted with Clifford and cleared their doubts. Tara Shetty delivered the vote of thanks.

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