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Mangaluru: IN-LAND REAL ESTATES, Mangalore’s premier, RERA-approved real estate agency has announced the launch of its new, customer-friendly web portal which is expected to make it easier for buyers, sellers, owners, tenants and agents to interact with each other and finalize their requirements.

Most Mangaloreans know the brand name IN-LAND as standing for high-quality apartments and commercials in Mangalore, Bangalore and other cities. But the new generation may not be aware that the brand IN-LAND has grown from a very successful Real Estate company that was started by Mr Siraj Ahamed in 1986.

In-land Real Estate started off in a small way by connecting buyers and sellers for plots, villas and shops and also connecting property owners and prospective tenants for quality rentals. Soon its popularity grew enormously as people found that its dealings were sincere, systematic and reliable. During the last four decades, In-land Real Estate with its winning slogan of “Sincere dealings pay handsomely..” has arranged deals for a vast array of properties in Mangalore including high-end villas, large plots, apartments, prime commercial shops & offices and premium rentals. In the process, the company has built a loyal following of satisfied customers. In fact, many of these satisfied real estate customers were the very same who put their trust in IN-LAND when apartments and commercials were later launched under that brand name in prime locations in the city.

Today In-land Real Estate is still the most trusted name for people looking to buy, sell or rent. The company’s by-line “Whenever you think of property, think of us” beautifully captures the emotion of customers in dealing with the company.

Now to facilitate the new generation of home buyers, rental customers and property owners, In-land Real Estate has launched an attractive web portal where the customer can interact with the company and with prospective buyers or sellers seamlessly from the comfort of their homes. Many young people from Mangalore work in the IT industry and even those who work in other sectors are switching to digital for all their needs. The Real Estate sector is no exception. And though major national real estate web portals can be accessed from anywhere and such portals usually carry a listing of Mangalore properties, the city was yearning for a Mangalore-based web portal that could understand the mind of the local citizen and guide him to the best buy, sell and rent choices.

The new web portal launched by In-land Real Estate went live on Nov 1, 2023. It is easy to use for customers looking to buy, sell or rent properties. For those wishing to buy/rent the portal displays a choice of property types including apartments, villas, plots and commercial. Further location-wise choice is also available. Hence, for example, a customer looking to rent a 3-bedroom furnished apartment in the Kadri area can easily choose these parameters and view the choices available. The customer can then easily match his budget with the rates, prices and rents displayed and fine-tune his final choice.

A customer wishing to sell or rent his property needs to fill in a simple form giving details of his property and price/rent expectations and upload the same. Attractive photos of the property can also be uploaded. Once approved, the listing will appear live on the web portal.

In-land has a vast database of properties for sale and rentals and all these will be uploaded on the web portal, making it a one-stop shop for the customer. Customers will find their experience seamless and done at minimum cost on the In-land Real Estate portal.

Web Portal:
Phone: 9880138019

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