After Rain, Veil of Dew and Mist over Madikeri

After Rain Damage, Madikeri Surrounded by a Veil of Dew and Mist

Richard Lasrado
Pics Ramachandra / Impact

Madikeri: This hill-top town was hit by sudden rainstorms which created quite a bit of a damage towards the end of last week.

As the downpour subsided, the atmospheric temperature which had bothered the residents of Kodagu took a dip, bringing them a much-needed reprieve. Now it is the turn of dew in the morning and mist in the evenings.

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Taking a walk down the Raja’s Seat along the Stuart Hill Road in the mornings gives​ a feeling of being in a virtual paradise.

A heavy veil of dew and mist surrounds the whole town by turns. Visibility remains poor. Vehicles have to have their headlamps on for safety and better vision as well. The way in which the cameras have captured the beauty of the place here is indeed a feast to the eyes.

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Met officials have forecast repeat rains in the coming days. The coffee-growers from the district have expressed concern over the erratic pattern of rains. Other crops like spices also are likely to suffer, according to them.

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