Rains Play Hide-and-seek in Madikeri…

Rains Play Hide-and-seek in Madikeri, Followed by Havoc

Madikeri: Rains seem to be playing hide-and-seek here on alternate days. On Friday, there was bright sun, resulting in high heat and humidity in this otherwise cool town.

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On Saturday, downpour began in suburban Hakattur evening. A large number trees and electric poles got uprooted.

By 7-30 pm, heavy rains hit this town nonstop for two hours. Rainstorm resulted in roofs flying off about 20 to 30 homes. Some of them flew off over a distance of 200 metres.

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The worst hit was the office of the district superintendent of police. The sheets of the roof flew off over a long distance.

Some of them landed on nearby trees and roofs of government employees’ quarters. Bhagavati Nagar and Ranipete areas had heavy rains.


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With roofs crashing, household appliance, interior fittings and fixtures have been heavily damaged. Solar roof fittings atop some homes and hostels have been damaged.

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