Ameena Rehman Inaugurates Birth & Beyond at Unity Hospital

Ameena Rehman Inaugurates Birth & Beyond at Unity Hospital

Mangaluru: The Unity Care and Health Services held an inaugural ceremony of “Birth & Beyond” unit at the Unity Health Complex, Falnir here on July 29.

The Birth & Beyond unit was inaugurated by Ameena Rehman, wife of Chairman Unity Health Complex, Dr C P Habeeb Rehman, Alima Khalid Bava, Y Nafeesa, Nafeesath Beevi and Nasreen Abdulla by cutting the ribbon.


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“Birth & Beyond” is a birth center which has several modern features that include a centralized oxygen, nitrous supply system, air condition and hi-tech monitoring system. An exclusive camera is fixed to each bed to share those precious moments with your loved ones.

Pregnancy, just like parenting goes differently for everyone, Our goal is to create a space for women to have the most positive experience possible, supported by a team of doctors, nurses and caregivers that respect their wishes completely.

Unit Health complex offers a peaceful ambiance. The would-be mother can walk around a soothingly decorated room, or listen to piped in music with a supportive and caregiving staff.

How Dads ought to be
Fathers-to-be should be equally involved in the entire process from the very beginning.

Chairman of Unity Health complex Dr Habeeb Habeeb Rahman , Chancellor, Yenepoya University Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, Dr Ifthikar, Dr Devadiga, Dr Bhasker Shetty and others were also present.

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