Bengaluru: Anyone Overtaking an Ambulance Liable to Cancellation of Driving Licence – CM

Bengaluru: Ambulances are meant for saving lives. There has been a rising tendency among the public to be callous and careless by ignoring the flashing lights and sirens of ambulances on the move.


Now onwards, anyone overtaking the 108 ambulances will have his/her driving licence cancelled. This was announced by none other than state chief minister Siddaramaiah himself. He was speaking at the launching of a new fleet of ambulances in the city on Wednesday.

He said that often patients having suffered heart attacks and women on the verge of childbirth were being rushed in ambulances, which have to move rapidly. Taking advantage of the situation, many vehicles try to overtake them. Such two-wheeler riders and drivers would have their licences seized and cancelled, he warned.

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  1. Very good decision by Chief Minister regarding Ambulance overtaking. At this time I wanted to ask a question to CM. Is it alright for a Ambulance to carry little Children to School. I have noticed few times regarding this Ambulance Van Service.
    A) Ambulance carries many patients with spreadable disease.
    B) I have closely watched Children eating food with their hands which were touching the Seat where Patients slept.
    C) Ambulance driver turned on blue light when He reached behind me and I let Him go. But close watching found out Children inside.
    D) When contacted School,their answer was that it is not their responsibility of what is happening outside school. (Their only responsibility is Collecting Donation from Parents outside the School)
    E) When contacted the Hospital of this ambulace,their answer was if the Children are mine.
    F) When contacted RTO,their answer was that they will look into the matter.But They said Ambulance is not supposed to carry. But as usual sweet deal worked out and Ambulances still carry.
    So I like to know the opinion of Educated Public in this matter and also action for safety of Little Children.

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