Big B opens up on his ‘social media capability’

Mumbai, April 6 (IANS) Amitabh Bachchan, who is an active social media user and online blogger, says that some people marvel at his “social media capability” and others “express circumspection”. The megastar also shared that too much of the antonym shall have equal repercussions and reactions.

Taking to his blog on Wednesday, the 73-year-old actor shared his thoughts on the different opinions that people have over his capability of writing a piece everyday.

“Many wonder on my social media capability. It is questioned that my finding time and energy for its execution to the level that I do, is far too cumbersome to be conducting it personally each night,” he posted.

“Some marvel at it, others express circumspection and many others have convinced themselves that it obviously is not my doing, but that of an entire digital team that operates mostly independently, and on some pertinent matters on a cue or guidance from me,” he added.

The “Wazir” actor also shared that while there are speculators, there are insinuators and then there is some cynicism as well that exists.

Talking about abuse, disagreement and harsh expressions, Big B says that all such expressions are not welcome.

He further posted: “Too much of the antonym shall have equal repercussion and reaction. The state of mind is what determines the attitude. I could be in the middle of the most ungrateful circumstance, when I am made to come across a perceived evil.

“The reaction to the evil or the perceived evil takes on a harsh reaction. Fine. But what needs to be understood is whether the harshness came from the perceived evil or an ungrateful circumstance,” the Padma Vibhushan awardee wrote.”

The actor also added that “the entire world community cannot always be right nor always wrong”.

Earlier this week, The Indian Express released pages of an investigation report, alleging among other names that Amitabh and Aishwarya were directors in companies in Panama.

However Amitabh on Tuesday denied links with any of the offshore shipping companies in which he is supposed to be a director according to the leaked “Panama Papers”.

Even Aishwarya’s media adviser told the newspaper that the information was false.

The “Panama Papers” — based on an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and over 100 other news organisations around the world — is a global list revealing offshore links of over 500 Indians, including Amitabh and his star daughter-in-law Aishwarya.

Emraan Hashmi son turns ‘Iron Man’

Mumbai, April 6 (IANS) Actor Emraan Hashmi, who is gearing up for the release of his book “The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer”, has shared a photograph of his son Ayaan on social media in which he can be seen donning the costume of fictional American superhero “Iron Man”.

Emraan, who has penned his struggle around Ayaan’s cancer treatment in the book, shared the image on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Guess who? Yes! Ayaan-Man! ‘The Kiss Of Life One day to go,” Emraan captioned the image.

The photograph shows Ayaan in a similar costume, which Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. is seen wearing in popular “Iron Man” and “Avengers” franchise.

“The Kiss of Life: How A Superhero and My Son Defeated Cancer”, which is co-authored by Bilal Siddiqi, is slated to release on Thursday.

Is Cameron Diaz pregnant?

Los Angeles, April 6 (IANS) Actress Cameron Diaz was photographed clutching a coat to hide her belly, sparking speculations that she’s expecting her first child with husband Benji Madden.

The 43-year-old actress, who has been married to Madden for over a year, put her navy blue coat on her hands in front of her stomach at a public appearance, but it’s not clear if the actress was trying to hide her belly or she just didn’t want to wear it because it’s pretty sunny outside, reports

The “Sex Tape” star looked radiant as she was all smiles while making her way through a group of photographers. She wore white culottes and a grey blazer over a green shirt which she paired with blue heels.

The couple first met at a dinner party at Diaz’s house which was also attended by Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.

Diaz and Madden then got married in January 2015.


  1. The Big Bullshitter may have some explaining to do to the tax authorities but he hasn’t done anything illegal by setting up offshore shell companies to hide his wealth. That said, what he has done is highly unethical. He has no moral right to be the brand ambassador for India in any capacity. On top of that he is using the standard Kindergarten defence of denying the existence of these shady companies under his directorship instead is suggesting somebody else is falsely using his name. Shame on him. People treat Aishwarya Rai as some sort of goddess but she is no less crook. Remember how much she charged the Indian Commonwealth games for representing India in Australia back in 2006? People of India deserve these type of idols.

    Where do you think all these stars and “businessmen” get the money from to throw at IPL and the clubs? The whole of Bollywood is corrupt to the core, that’s why they have to feign this drama of championing social causes. The other clown SRK also has stashed a lot of money through offshore companies so he does not have to pay taxes in India. Laws are only meant for ordinary people who not only have to toil and pay taxes but also be subservient to the clowns at the top. Shamefully, all these things will be forgotten at the next item-number blockbuster release or the next season of IPL. The problem in India is that nobody has any self respect nor the strength of character to tell apart right from the wrong.

    • Horny Sir’ji,

      Why is the Western Media highlighting the name of Putin in the Panama papers? Is Putin’s name directly mentioned? All it mentions is the name of his cronies. (Of course, he may have Billions and more stashed in his gran’s Attic – in cash and gold ingots.. but then, his name hasn’t been pinned down – has it?)

      Haven’t you read that it was the US who leaked the news (good job, I should say) to ‘cut’ Putin down-to-size? Lol! He managed to show the world how the ISIS can be cut-down to half its size with just abt 3 months of intense bombing!

      Btw, hasn’t Cameron’s late & beloved ‘Papa’ji’ been named on that list? And is the British Brainwashing Corp. (BBC) doing ANYTHING about it? Quiet as neutered mice – those skunks! 🙂

      And, have ANY Yumreeki BIG FISH been nailed in that leak? Some joker called Cromwell.. blah blah…. kalas!

      Btw, you should read and watch stuff on Get some OTHER views on how the SAVIORS of the WORLD smuggled tonnes and tonnes of Opium/poppy/heroin/ganja and stuff into the US.

      Had Garnab ArseSwami EVEN raised a sentence about it?

      Over to you, sir Manatee. 🙂

  2. India, a third world country, fully deserves this highly overrated character. Where else can you find media getting lectured by Bollywood-intellectual right after offshore-account scandal? Remember – this is the same guy who sang – ‘JANA GANA MANA ‘PANAAAMA’ JAYA HE…’ fooling millions of those Indians who can’t think beyond cricket and Bollywood. What a country!!

  3. “India, a third world country,….” – Joker RampaNNA

    Saar, ondu prashne nigme:

    1. Did India become a 3rd world country AFTER you left it or was it one even before?

  4. Joker Praveena’s question highlights the ignorance and denial mindset that he personifies. He probably doesn’t know how lame he sounds while exposing his own ignorance.

  5. “Is Putin’s name directly mentioned? All it mentions is the names of his cronies…” writes an illiterate on this forum.

    Isn’t it the main point? A powerful leader’s cronies seem to have disproportionate amount of assets in these offshore accounts. Why does a music teacher need an offshore account in Panama? Well, how do you explain these simple things to a guy who took months to understand ‘biriyaani’ example?

    • “Isn’t it the main point?” – Joker RampaNNA

      Hahahahaha! So WHY doesn’t Srimaana Podi’ji kick OUT his super-rich cronies such as ‘Sushumama Thai’ Swaraja, Scooter ‘Gadhakari’ et al. Who can explain such stuff to a Biryaani lover such as RampaNNA? 🙂

  6. At the outset it does look like political vendetta against Putin and his coterie. Interestingly no US names have been revealed so far. Let’s see what the May release of Panama/Panganama Papers bring to surface. I am sure Clintons have hidden a big loot somewhere in these safe havens (may be even under “benami” accounts) but they are far too well connected socialists so I doubt they will ever be caught.

    By the way, has the Middle Eastern media shown any balls to publish about UAE, Qatar and Saudi rulers’ Panama stash on their local dailies? It also shows all these sheikhs are just puppet rulers who do not know how long they can hold their sand castles together hence they have kept a rainy day fund abroad. It does not make sense why they have to hide wealth when they are the absolute rulers of their states. Abu Dhabi ruler for example holds prime real estate in the heart of London, in what looks like a very shady operation. If it was attached to their Sovereign Wealth fund it would be a different matter.

    When the leak involves 11 million records I am sure there are more skeletons falling out of the cupboard soon. What gets my goat is that these scums hide wealth abroad and as a knee-jerk reaction the governments worldwide implement new regulatory controls which only affect the hard working expatriates. You have to prove the money you are trying to remit/send is not stolen where as the well-connected crooks such as Big Bullshitter or SRK always find a way to evade such scrutiny. In some way an Arab-spring style revolution is long overdue in our country where all these fake celebrities are sent to the guillotine. But what to do, our people are too clueless to see the truth. They are far more worried about the next Bollywood release or IPL.

    • The question, dear friend, is ALL about TAX evasion.

      As you may very well know, the citizens of the gulf states pay NO TAX! Zilch for the expats too!

      The monarchs OWN their money and can ‘park’ it ANYWHERE they chose to. Hence, the question of TAX EVASION does NOT arise at all and nobody’s gonna be bothered too much.

      Now, compare that with folks in the US, UK etc. Sigh! JUST imagine 30 cents siphoned outta our Rampa’s minimum wage of 1USD/hr being parked in some ‘phoreen’ tax haven by his ALREADY ‘phoreen’ masters? Man.. that gets my goat, piglet AND EWE too! 🙂

      And oh, the Clintons are safe and sound. Ditto for the Blairs. Cheers.

  7. I did not suggest the Arab rulers are stashing wealth abroad to evade tax, nor did I imply of any wrongdoing on their part as far as the current international laws are concerned. I only questioned why they have to use dubious means to park their wealth, that too when they are the absolute law makers of their own state. Ruler’s wealth is separate from the state’s wealth. The Sovereign Wealth fund is state asset meant for the citizens’ welfare. The Panama papers do not show anything related to the wealth funds.

    Contrary to what you said, I think the Middle Eastern nationals will begin to bother a lot at some point about these things when the economy turns down drastically in the coming years due to low oil prices and the gravy trains stops. Most of these local Arabs are least qualified to find any productive job. The welfare state has spoilt them for the last couple of generations and they are least equipped to fend for themselves in the absence of State largesse. So far their rulers have been throwing good money after the bad just to keep the population from revolting. But when the money runs out things being to go out of control. Perhaps that’s why these rulers have made a backup plan should they be forced to flee. Perhaps what happened to Egyptian, Libyan rulers in the last 5 years gives a better indication as to what is to come to GCC.

  8. “Contrary to what you said, I think the Middle Eastern nationals will begin to bother a lot at some point about these things when the economy turns down drastically…” – Mr Manatee

    Aha! THAT some point of time needs some more clarity!

    What about BREXIT? A mere point of time, too? Listen bro, if it weren’t for the loot stashed away by the marauding Brits from former colonies, the UK would have been begging! Remember who drew up the Sykes-Picot Agreement? And you very well know what it lead to! Cheers.

  9. “sushma…gadkari…” writes Joker Pinto as part of his ‘palaayana vaada’.

    Dear Biriyaani Pinto,
    Don’t forget the original subject – you weren’t sure why Putin was dragged into this even though his name was not directly mentioned in the report. I had explained how it matters that his cronies were listed in the report. In response, you are bringing up unrelated topic!! What do Sushma and Gadari have to do with Putin’s cronies in Panama papers? We can discuss Sushma and other cronies in BJP if you want. But, it is a different topic. Try to focus on subject and maintain some clarity. It would help you avoid some embarrassment!! LOL

  10. “We can discuss Sushma & other cronies in BJP if you want” – Maha Joker RampaNNA

    Hahahaha! And you are writing this topic under the tag – ‘Big B(ullshitter) Opens Up On His Social Media Capability’? Hahahahaha!

    Say, why don’t you stick to what you are doing BEST – copy-pasting names of some Shareepa, Parooka, Patheema, Payaza et al, and further providing their Jathaka, kundali, vaastu etc? 🙂 Who knows? Buffalo Billa might be mighty pleased and give you a raise. 🙂

  11. Again, I would like to remind Joker Praveena Pinto that my post was in response to his reference to Putin. Now that he has lost the argument, he is doing what he has been doing all of his life – Change topic and do a palaayana vaada!! LOL For some reason, this guy who couldn’t even secure a visa to West thinks that he could engage in debating topics that he hardly understands to begin with!! LOL

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