‘Bourne 5’ will take place in ‘post-Snowden world’

Los Angeles, Aug 31 (IANS) Actor Matt Damon has teased his fans what to expect from the next Jason Bourne movie which will see him returning as the male lead and Paul Greengrass as the director. He says he was eager to return to the series but it was only after the NSA whistleblowing revelations from Edward Snowden that he and Greengrass decided to come up with a new script.

“Without giving too much of it away, it’s Bourne through an austerity-riddled Europe and in a post-Snowden world. It seems like enough has changed, you know? There are all these kinds of arguments about spying and civil liberties and the nature of democracy,” Damon told newswire BuzzFeed, reports aceshowbiz.com.

The film’s shooting will start in Greece, and end in Las Vegas, according to Damon.

Tommy Lee Jones is expected to play a CIA superior officer. Alicia Vikander is also in talks to join the “Bourne 5” cast and Viggo Mortensen is rumoured for a villainous role.

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