Canine Found in Balmatta Looking for its Owner!

Canine Found in Balmatta Looking for its Owner!

Mangaluru: Normally dogs have a good memory as far as locating their place of stay.

But the Retriever shown in the picture here seems to have lost track of its home. People who found it at Crave in Balmatta informed the Animal Care Trust, who have taken care of it in their shelter now.


Obviously it is not a stray dog but a well groomed one. It is friendly and active. But it seems to be missing its home and looks worried. Besides, it is refusing to eat anything.

It appears to have been accustomed to its regular food served at home. Hence ACT is very keen on ensuring its reunion with the owner as early as possible.

Lancy Tauro of ACT has requested that word be spread around so that it could return to its home soon, without having to starve.

Those who are sure of the identity of the owner are requested to pass the message.

Contact +91 94481 03864

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