Chakravarti Sulibele Criticizes Congress Manifesto, Says Modi Wave is Evident


Chakravarti Sulibele Criticizes Congress Manifesto, Says Modi Wave is Evident

Mangaluru: “From December 16 th onwards, Team Modi has been organizing daily programs with the aim of making Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India once again. We have held over 100-120 rallies across the state. Modi wave is evident everywhere and I am proud to tell you that the BJP will win more than 20 seats in the state. H D Deve Gowda has said that it will be an embarrassment if the Congress-JDS coalition doesn’t win at least 10 seats. At the beginning, they said that they will win all 28 seats. Now, they are hoping for at least 10 seats” said the Head of Team Modi -Chakravarti Sulibele in a press meet held at Hotel Ocean Pearl, Kodialbail here, on April 11.

Addressing the mediapersons Chakravarti Sulibele said, “The Congress Manifesto is a manifesto that will ruin the nation. They have proudly said that they will scrap the Sedition law. They have also said that they will remove AFSPA from Kashmir. This act protects our soldiers in critical situations and in Naxal affected areas. Yes, AFSPA should be removed from areas where it is not needed but it is still needed in Kashmir in order to protect our soldiers.”

He further said, “Regarding Congress’ NYAY scheme, Subramanya Swamy has said that it is practically impossible. The BJP Manifesto promises that it will remove Article 370 and Article 35 from Kashmir.”

When confronted with the fact that the Sedition Law was created by the British in order to imprison Indian freedom fighters and its potential scope for misuse, Chakravarti Sulibele said, “It is dangerous to simply remove the law. There should be a debate about it and then the issue should be decided.”

The BJP Manifesto promises to give Rs 6000 a year to farmers which amounts to a mere Rs 16 a day. When asked if the amount was enough to keep farmers from committing suicide, he said “The scheme will give honor to the farmers. It is wrong to calculate it as Rs 16 per day. The scheme will bring the farmer to the bank and give him Rs 6000 in his account, that itself is great.” यांनी वर पोस्ट केले गुरुवार, ११ एप्रिल, २०१९