Charlize Theron’s stalker will not be prosecuted

Los Angeles, Oct 7 (IANS) A man who was arrested for reportedly stalking actress Charlize Theron will not be prosecuted.

The district attorney declined to charge him on Tuesday, reports

The desicion to drop the charges was made based on a lack of evidence against the man, who came with the name Stanislav Sonseadec. He intended to harm the “Sweet November” star, it was claimed. He was then released on bail.

Based on the district attorney’s rejection,it appeared Theron’s assistant asked Sonseadec several times to leave the actress’ house before calling the police.

However, the law enforcement sources argued that there might have been a misunderstanding between the two given that Sonseadec is Russian, and English is seemingly not his first language.

The police thought language barrier might make it hard for him to understand that he was actually unwelcome.

The reported stalker was arrested on Sunday.

The incident happened when he delivered a bouquet of flowers to Theron. The 40-year-old actress asked him to leave the flowers at her gate but he insisted to hand them to her personally. She was forced to call the law enforcement after he reportedly refused to leave her house until he met her.

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